Writing problems or Author Blockage? Kitcentric is here

Most of you know that I am an author. I have several books published but it comes to a point that I had a blockage in writing.

It can be because of many things: family, work, no time, no sleep, stress… and then time flies by and the book is there to be continued.

Blockages of ideas exist in any profession.

If you’re not a writer but would like to be, continue to read. If you don’t want to be a writer but want to start something new, a new hobby, or give an amazing gift, continue to read as well.


I came across Kitcentric. A vey happy brand with marvellous boxes. Each box is an adventure and is one of those boxes that you will actually use everything that comes inside.

Established in 2017 in the South East of England, Kitcentric was setup to offer an alternative to the mundane gift sets already on the market. The idea from day one was to create kits for people who want to start something new – a hobby, a new job or even a new business. They endeavour to put together fantastic kits to get you started on the way to your new past-time or job. Each kit contains a sublime selection of practical goodies, all perfectly wrapped. From low-commitment ‘Mini Kits’ to the full scale ‘Ultimate’, Kitcentric offers kits for multiple levels of devotion.


I got interested…but then I saw the Author box, and my eyes sparkled. Could they have the idea to brake my blockage?


Here is the video talking about my blockage, my experience and what is inside.

Spoiler alert: It did brake it!


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