10 Fun Autumn Activities to Do with The Kids

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By Sally Norton

As summer comes to an end, fall begins. With Thanksgiving and Halloween, September, October, and November are one of the coziest months. You may think as the weather gets chillier that your activity options are minimal. However, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor autumn activities for the entire family!

Throughout the text, we will discuss a variety of autumn activities to do with your kids that all of you can enjoy!


Autumn Activities

When the hot days of summer start to get shorter and rarer, we know we are gradually stepping into fall. As the temperature lowers, many also become lazier, and we are all guilty of it. The lack of sunshine tends to make us want to stay at home, but we can easily change this. Moreover, there are plenty of things to do to keep yourself and your family active even in autumn. In the end, it is all about staying motivated and being creative in order to make it fun for everyone involved.


Outdoor Activities

One of our first suggestions for autumn activities to do with your kids is going fruit picking. Check whether there is an apple orchard within your community or at least one within a close distance. Most are open to the public, and September would be the perfect time to go. Gather your family and friends and take your kids apple picking. It’s an activity that will keep you warm as you will be moving the entire time! You could also teach your kids about fruit picking and which fruits get picked when. Overall, it will be fun, educational, and energetic.


Clouds and sunshine above a valley.
Spend more time outside and enjoy what nature has to offer!
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Next on our outdoor activities list is visiting a corn maze. Corn mazes are very popular within the US and North America and are usually open from August to October. Take your partner and kids to a corn maze to experience something different. You’ll basically be solving a puzzle while trying to navigate your way around and figure it all out. Trails and paths can go for long distances. You’ll get a chance to sharpen your skills as you try to escape the situation of being lost.

This next fall activity is an obvious one for sure. Go hiking! Not only is it a great form of exercise, but it can also help you discover places you weren’t aware of. You can search for local hiking trails, or perhaps even drive to a popular one. Either way, your kids will have a fun time, they will get to explore and have increased environmental awareness.


Indoor Activities

Remember those apples you got from the apple orchard? This brings us to our next activity with your kids, and that is making a variety of healthy desserts. Use the apples you picked to test out new recipes. It can teach your kids about the importance of harvesting food, and how you can turn a regular apple into a decadent apple pie. While you are spending that time in the kitchen, why not incorporate some healthy Halloween snacks as well! Look up or even create your own healthy candy recipes. Moreover, explore all these options with your kids and learn along the way.


two cupcakes and some blueberries
Try out new recipes with your kids.
Image by Ben Frewin from Pixabay


Decorating your home is another great idea for the entire family. Get your kids involved in the redecorations and renovations. Before you get into the decorating part, yourkids can participate in seasonal cleaning along with you. Get rid of things you don’t need and reorganize your home. Decluttering will help you open the space inside your home.

If you want to renovate rooms before redecorating, store your belongings during the renovation in storage space. With less furniture, you will be able to maneuver easier. Once you have removed unnecessary items and painted your walls, you can do the fun part. Let your kids have an input when it comes to their bedrooms. Allow them to be creative with it while designing the space they will love.


a drawing of a pumpkin with a dark background
Carve out your pumpkins, get your costume, and let the spooky candy season begin.
Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay


Once Halloween is around the corner, it’s time for costume shopping. You could go out with your kids in search of the perfect costume for this year, or you could create one at home together! It could be a fun activity allowing everyone to be creative and put their skills to the test. You’ll get to spend quality time together while creating something original and authentic.


Stay Active

With so many autumn activities already mentioned above, you may be thinking wow that is a lot! Don’t worry though, we have more suggestions. Before we add a few more, let’s review what we have so far on our fall activities list:

1. Fruit Picking

2. Going to a Corn Maze

3. Hiking

4. Making Desserts with Your Kids

5. Decorate Your Home Together

6. Halloween Costume Shopping

What a variety of options! Meanwhile, we get more creative with our ideas down below:

7. Visit a Petting Zoo

8. Have a Big and Festive Thanksgiving

9. Weekend Roadtrip

10. Decorate Your Front yard Halloween Style

A petting zoo will be an exciting activity for your kids, as they will get to meet the animals up close and learn more about them. Also, why not throw a big dinner for Thanksgiving this year. Everyone can oversee something for the big event, and you can gather your family, relatives, and friends for a big get-together. Festive and fun! Meanwhile, I bet your kids would love decorating the house with spiderwebs, scary characters, and pumpkins. Make their Halloween experience memorable and spooky in a good way. Lastly, you could get away from the same surroundings and go on a road trip as a family. Experiencing new places during the season of fall will be a trip you’ll never forget.


Winter is Coming

Before the snow comes in and it gets cold outside, make this list your next to-do list! Go out there and enjoy every aspect of autumn while embarking on different adventures with your kids.



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