Simple Tips For Working From Home

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, everything has changed this year, and we have all had to adjust to new ways of living and working. There are some perks to working from home, such as no more commute, but it’s also normal to feel stressed, bored, anxious, and uncertain.

Many of us are also worrying about future job prospects or trying to look after children at the same time. These simple tips can help you while you’re working at home, to help you feel more productive and take care of your mental health in these strange times.



Set And Stick To A Routine

Without a steady schedule, the lines between work and personal time can easily become blurred, making you more stressed out. 

Try to stick to your normal sleep and work patterns as much as you can, and stay consistent. Get up at the same time every day, eat breakfast, shower, and get dressed. Try to schedule something in your commute time, like exercise, reading, or listening to music before you start work. 

When your workday is over, stop working. Turn off your computer, stop checking emails, and focus on home time. Try to get to bed at your usual time too. 



Make A Dedicated Work Space

If you can, find somewhere quiet away from people and distractions, like the TV or the kitchen. 

Get everything you need in one place before you start to work, such as chargers, pens, papers, and anything else. If you are creating a home office, shut the door if you can. In a small or shared space, designate an area for work. 

Don’t sit on the sofa. It’s better to sit at a desk or table. Set up your desk correctly as much as you can, so you don’t end up with a bad back. 

If you don’t have proper office furniture, like an adjustable chair, you can try using things from around the house to improve your setups, like cushions to give you support in your chair, or a box as a footrest. 



Give Yourself A Break

Working at can make you feel as though you have to be available all the time. However, just being present is of no use to anyone if your mental health is suffering as a result of being on all the time. 

It’s important to make time for breaks so you can manage your feelings of stress. Take a lunch break and take regular breaks from your screen. Give yourself time to focus on something else, you will feel better and able to concentrate when you come back. Even just five or ten minutes of short breaks every hour can boost your productivity. 

If you can, set a time to go for a walk, run, or bike ride, so you can get some fresh air, even if you just walk to buy a coffee somewhere. 


Working from home means you might be spending a lot of time not moving very much. If you notice that you feel stiff, try doing some light stretches to loosen up.



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