44 Cats: Nickelodeon new show

Have you seen Nick Jr’s new show, the 44 cats?

This Italian show (“44 Gatti”) for Nickelodeon, is now a hit show for children everywhere. Showing the adventures of four kittens who make up a musical group called `The Buffycats’ (reminds me of Josie and the Pussycats from Archie).



With loads of music, adventure and friendship, the little kittens are a cute show for any kid and for any age, even if it was made for preschoolers. Fun mixed with learning skills.

The story is about 4 Cats named Lampo, Milady, Pilou, and Polpetta get taken in by Granny Pina and form a band and meet 40 other cats.

With an IMDB of score 7, is one of Richie’s favorite show.



We recently were at Gulliver’s Land in Milton Keynes for the launch of the 44 Cats UK show and it was such a fun day with the full characters!



What’s cool about this tv show, besides the fun and the songs, is the diversity of the characters. Instead of your normal characters, there is a cat for every person and the characteristics are so diverse that everyone has a favorite. Which means, is a very inclusive cartoon.


Here is the list of the Cats:

  • Lampo is the lead singer and guitarist of the Buffycats. He is a tabby cat with a blue lightning symbol over his right eye. Lampo’s whiskers act like a compass, guiding him to where he needs to go.
  • Milady is the Buffycats’ bassist. Her fur turns pink-purple whenever someone tells a lie.
  • Pilou  is the Buffycats’ drummer. She uses her enchanting wide eyes to distract the show’s villains.
  • Meatball is the Buffycats’ keyboard player. He has a big appetite and can sense danger.
  • Boss is Winston’s pet cat. The only animal that Winston likes, Boss is a bullying tomcat who is always trying to trick the Buffycats, but they always outsmart him.
  • Blister is a white and blue cat who is closely linked to Boss.
  • Scab is a grey cat who is Blister’s sidekick.
  • The Boom-Boom Steppers
    • Fancy Dancey is the leader of the Boom-Boom Steppers. He has grey fur and wears a hat that looks like a Santa hat.
    • Lola is the second Boom-Boom Stepper. She is a white cat with a princess outfit. Towards the end of season 1, She becomes a mother in “Pilou the Kitten Sitter”.
    • Hope is Lola’s daughter. Her first word was “Pilou” because she was the one who catsitted her before she brought her back to her mom.
  • Cosmo is an astronaut cat who is a good friend of the Buffycats and sometimes goes along with them on their adventures.
  • Gas is a stinky cat with droopy whiskers. His love interest is a white cat Named Snobine (voiced by TBA).
  • Gaby is a reporter cat who used to spread false rumors, but now only reports negatively on villains. She sometimes works as an announcer.
  • Igor is a strong Birman cat.
  • Neko is a cat with a bell collar who usually has good luck and likes collecting clovers.
  • Fleur is a yellow cat who is obsessed with flowers.
  • Cato is a black cat who is a master of a cat version of Kung fu called “meow fu”.
  • Wrench is a brown cat who works as a mechanic.
  • Edison  is an inventor cat.
  • Astricat is a pink alien cat who sleeps upside down and lives on Planet Meow.
  • LaPalette is a French cat with an eye for art.
  • Quatermain is an adventurer cat who searches for ancient treasures.
  • Tutankatmon is an ancient cat who is surprisingly still alive despite the fact that his owner is dead, and has a golden scratching post.
  • The Pinky Paws
    • Cherry is a leader singer of the trio and wears Magenta.
    • Lolly is the second Pinky Paw who wears purple.
    • Betty is the third Pinky Paw who wears mint green.
  • Milky and Chock are two circus cats who are brothers.
  • Super Snoogie is a superhero cat who can fly using his tail.
  • Olympio is a teal cat who plays basketball.


And the Humans are:

  • Granny Pina is the owner of an old house where the Buffycats live. She cooks the pasta that gives the Buffycats their special powers.
  • Winston is Granny Pina’s wealthy neighbor. He lives in a luxurious villa and despises both the Buffycats and their unsightly house, which he is constantly trying to have torn down, never with any success since the Buffycats always thwart his schemes.


The other animals:

  • Bucky and Zoe are two puppies who first appeared in “A Puppy to Save”. Their mom would usually appear alongside them, but in one episode, she makes the Buffycats pupsit them.
  • Terry is a pug who wears a green collar who likes cats, especially Pilou, so much that he wants to be one himself.
  • Ginny is a cream colored guinea pig wearing a flower tutu who performs a dance called “The Sunflower Dance”.
  • Kataly is a camel who lets cats ride on his humps.


What’s not to love!

Make sure you watch your episode at Nickelodeon!



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