5 Essential Repairs All Landlords Should Carry Out on Their Rental Properties

5 Essential Repairs All Landlords Should Carry Out on Their Rental Properties

It can be easy to take your rental property for granted, but it’s important to remember that it’s a business and a home. If you’re a landlord, you have tenants who rely on you for a stable, secure place to live. Make sure that you have a plan for any maintenance issues that may arise with your rental property, and keep it in tip-top condition.

If you don’t, you could be setting your tenants up for trouble. From leaky pipes to broken appliances, minor maintenance issues can add up and become a nuisance. Read on to find out what you can do to keep the property in good condition.



A tenant’s health and safety is definitely at stake when there’s a plumbing issue. The pipes that run through your rental property are there for one reason: to move water from one point to another. If they aren’t working correctly, they can cause damage. Mild issues can be fixed easily, think leaking faucets, blocked pipes etc. However, you need to call a plumber if you notice something more serious, like a splitting pipe.



Damaged windows are not only unsafe but can cause many problems within the property. Firstly, they will be a major cause of drafts, therefore, increasing tenants’ energy usage and bills. Window panels that are loose in their frames can cause excess noise and cracked window panes can be at risk of falling out or completely smashing leaving tenants vulnerable to the elements and harm from broken glass. Always treat windows issues urgently.



Roofs need to be replaced every 25 years, depending on the climate. If you notice any issues such as leaks, increased noise or drafts along with signs of dampness, it’s essential to have your roof assessed as soon as possible. You may need to get a new roof put on as quickly as possible, depending on the severity of the damage. If it’s not too severe, you can still get it repaired; contact an experienced roofing & window company who can assess the roof’s condition for you.



Electrical problems can be tricky to solve, but they can also be prevented. If you have an older property, you are likely to have some electrical wiring issues. Ensure that you have an inspection of your electrical wiring done by a qualified electrician and have them make any repairs needed. Electrical problems can be dangerous, and they can be expensive to repair. They can also cause a lot of damage if they are not taken seriously.


Gas Supply

Gas is a highly flammable element, and as such, it should be treated with care at all times. Whether your gas supply is for heating or cooking, ensuring all pipework is safe and any boilers are working correctly, and checking for any leaks or issues with the gas supply is vital. Always ensure you use an experienced and qualified contractor to carry out work on the gas supply to your property or on gas appliances to avoid any disastrous consequences.


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