Golden Rules for Decorating Your First Home as a Couple

Living together with the one you love is probably one of the most satisfying experiences. Sharing all the good things, together with bad ones, can create a special connection and unity that will only make you stronger as a couple. The best part of moving in together is, of course, decorating your space.

This type of work is a true sign of togetherness because there’s nothing better than picking furniture and decor pieces that resonate with you both. However, sometimes decorating can be difficult, due to various reasons, so in order to avoid such issues, here are some golden rules that will help you decorate your first home as a couple.




Decide on things that you both prefer

Before you start buying things for your home, it’s important to decide on which ones you prefer. If your partner isn’t into the decor, that can pose a bit of a problem, which is why it’s important to make sure that you’re both on board regarding certain steps.

Therefore, if you’re the one who loves all things decor, make sure to consult your partner or at least, ask them to give you the freedom to choose things that you like. That way, you’ll know where you stand, and your partner will have room to do other, house-related things that they care about more, such as taking care of your backyard or doing other maintenance work.



Learn to compromise

Knowing how to compromise is one of the greatest strengths. So if you and your partner can’t decide on something, find a way that will work for both of you. For example, taking turns to choose different decor items is a great way to work together. Also, if possible, switch off getting your way, because that can cause unnecessary friction, which is the last thing you need.

This type of compromise can also yield amazing results in the end, because you might end up with eclectic and unique interior decor.




Find a way to get inspired together

Looking for inspiration is often the most fun part of the decorating journey, and if you decide to do it together, then things can get even more interesting. Therefore, use your free time to browse vintage shops, flea markets and other outlets, because chances are, you’ll find something stunning and special.

Besides, if you happen to be somewhere together, you’ll be more likely to agree on the same thing, because you’ll be able to inspect it more clearly. You can even create a mutual Pinterest board, as that can help you stick all your ideas and inspiration in one place.



Prioritize things that you really need

Starting a new life together is exciting, however, if you want to do it well, it’s essential you focus on things you really need. Before you start picking decor, make sure you get all the necessary furniture, and also, don’t neglect your flooring.

Beautifying your floors should be your priority, so feel free to check out an online collection of rugs from NZ as you’ll probably find something that suits your preferences. Carpets and rugs can do so much for your space, so don’t neglect their importance when decorating your first home.



Make your walls look good

Walls are extremely influential when it comes to the overall appearance of your home, which is why you should make them look good. First, make sure to paint them in colours that both you and your partner like. If you can’t decide on the same colours, then feel free to consider two or more colours, but match them, so they’ll look good together.

Additionally, you can opt for a gallery wall, as that is an original way to decorate your walls, plus you and your partner can have a lot of fun picking the contents for it. Also, you should consider hanging various paintings and posters.



Add a few plants to symbolize a new beginning

When choosing your new home essentials, it’s important to have a list so things will go more smoothly. However, after you pick the furniture, bedding and rugs, you should invest some time and choose a few plants to decorate your space.

Plants are super beneficial to your health, and they can symbolize a new beginning, especially to a couple who just moved in together. Still, if you lack experience in caring for plants, then it’s best to choose those that are easy and simple to maintain. Snake plant, yucca, aloe and peace lily are all great for indoor spaces as they don’t require much care.



Decorating your home as a couple will only make your love grow stronger. However, in order to make it right, you should learn to compromise and acknowledge the needs of your partner, while still keeping your own.

Your new home should reflect your personalities and your relationship alike, so be sure to invest enough effort to make things work.

Finally, keep in mind that decorating a home should be a fun and enjoyable project, so it’s best to treat it that way.



Article by Lili Miller for Alejandra’s Life


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