5 Things That Clumsy People Understand More Than Others

Whether you are knocking things over as you walk ten feet away from them, or you’re tripping over your own feet and ending up in the hospital, you know what it’s like to be clumsy.

Most of the time, being clumsy is awkward and embarrassing, and it regularly feels challenging to manage when you are in a constant state of apology for spilling things and knocking things over. 

The thing is, some people are just accident-prone. They’re stumbling through life, apologizing every few minutes for having zero spatial awareness, and they keep ibuprofen on them at all times – you know, for the aches and pains!

There’s only so many times that you will trip over before it gets ancient, but there are some things that clumsy people understand more than other people do. Let’s take a look.


  • They Always Have a Bruise Or 12

Clumsy people bruise often, and most of the time, they have no idea where the bruises have come from or when they turned up. Injuries are commonly known because most people tend not to trip over everything, and they can walk past furniture without knocking into it.

If you bruise easily and you don’t know where it’s come from, then there’s every chance that you are naturally clumsy, and you just can’t remember bumping into whatever caused the bruise.


Image by moritz320 from Pixabay


  • They Make Noise When They Walk

If you have clumsy friends (or you yourself are clumsy), you may have noticed this about yourself. You cannot walk around without disrupting everything and everyone, and you can’t do it without a ton of noise, too.

It doesn’t matter how light or heavy you are when you’re around, everyone knows it!


  • Enthusiasm Creates Accidents

If you happen to be a passionate person who talks with gestures, expect to smash things within reach.

Accidentally knocking stuff over is pretty standard for the clumsy among us, and any fast movements should be treated with caution.


man with a sword
Image by Harmony Lawrence from Pixabay


  • Losing Your Balance? An Everyday Occurrence

Anyone who knows what it’s like to be clumsy knows that there are stumbles both in public and private, and neither are fun to deal with.

You may not fall over onto the floor, but it’s not far off, and that’s not fun to deal with! 


  • The Constant Worry For Safety

Lastly, clumsy people are not great with their own safety. High heels are a no-go due to the stumbling, as mentioned earlier, and the chance of needing something more than ibuprofen to take the edge off of that pain. 


It’s not easy to be clumsy in a world where things move quickly, but those who are dealing with an excess of clumsiness can do it with grace.

While you may not be able to don a pair of heels for your next work meeting in fear of tripping, you can buy some beautiful flats these days that you can pair with anything you want. Clumsiness has its own charm; are you clumsy, or can you manage to walk in a straight line?


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  1. Indeed, we shall take it in stride. And all the more love goes out to those of us, triumphant against gravity or not. Thanks for the post, Alejandra, it’s heart-warming to know we’re never alone.