6 Stylish Ways to Transform Your Bedroom This Season

By Patrick Adams

As time goes on, it’s pretty normal that a sort of ennui sets in when it comes to our own home. We get bored a bit with the same old thing. Sure, on one level this is the comfort that we get used to, comfort that is ever-present, a sense of security and safety is there just for us. And yet, we do get bored. So, why not change things up, at least a little? We suggest you start with the bedroom this season, as quickly as possible.


The materials you use matter

If you want to stay cool during the summertime, you need to think about the materials you use in your bedroom. Namely – go with breathable, light materials.

Things like natural textiles (think linens and cotton, for example) are mostly breathable. On the other hand, synthetics will trap moisture, they will make the heat much worse in the summer heat.

Now, as far as colours go, there is a reason you should choose white bedding and lines. These always look clean, they are inviting, and most of all, and they reflect light and heat, instead of absorbing it. Furthermore, colours fade from sweat and use, while white is always white.





A pop of colour

While we do suggest you stick with white, soft pallets, a little bit of colour can be everything you need. In fact, everything being white and clean will just emphasise these little accents of colour. So, think of a minimalist base that is composed of entirely pastel colours, of white, grey, light pink. Then, just add a splash of deep blue or dark green. These will act as beacons of light and style, they will make the entire thing better, nicer, more colourful, while still not being overbearing or too intense.



Let some light in

Get some light in your room. Try to avoid artificial light as much as possible, and stick to some good old fashioned sunlight. This gives you lots of Vitamin D, it improves your mood, your complexion, and your immune system. It also just looks better. Maybe nice plantation shutters can help you get some more control over the light in your room. Or perhaps install a skylight. If you have the opportunity, open up your walls, get broader, larger windows. And of course, lighter or darker, thicker or thinner, hefty or simple drapes can really tie the room together and allow just the right amount of light in.



Don’t forget about your walls

Bare walls don’t look as nearly as good as they could with some extra art and texture. Now, on one hand, you can get paintings, prints, posters, and album covers, all of these to hang on your walls.

However, you can also, on the other hand, get some more 3-D items, like shelves that house little statues and busts, plants and crystals.


Nice accents

It’s the little things that often become the most crucial at a certain point. For this reason, think about getting some nicer accents in your room, some little details that can make the rest of the place pop. For example, a blue pillow in a greasy and white bedroom can really make the entire place feel alive. Some green plants here, a nice rug there, and you got yourself a winning combination.




Get some of the outdoors inside

We warmly advise you get some life in your bedroom. Now, this isn’t metaphorical – we truly mean get some living things in there. Lots of plants and flowers are perfect for reminding you that there is a world outside, there is nature that exists beyond your walls. Add to that some wooden panels, oak and rosewood, as well as maybe some herbs you are growing, and you get a bedroom perfect for the season in front of you.



You don’t have to break the bank in order to transform your bedroom. All you have to do is make some small changes, some tiny modifications, and you can see amazing results. Whether that’s simply getting some more light in and enjoying the rays form natural sunlight, or changing up things and getting a minimalistic style with some bursts of colour, you will definitely be ready for the new season.



About Patrick Adams:

Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.


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