Best Ways to Improve the Security of Your Home

By Ron Wolf


Home security is essential for every homeowner out there. However, as crooks start to use smart technology to gain access to your home, so should you up security measures.

In fact, a balanced combo of old-school security methods such as window bars and app-operated alarm systems should be enough to deter a home invasion.



Use a code instead of a key

Keeping the spare set of keys under the doormat is so 1950s. Ironically, this “security” method might be so outdated that some burglars won’t even bother to look under the mat but this is a risk you don’t want to make.

The modern version of the hide-a-key game involves passcodes rather than metal sets of keys. All you need to remember is your unique user code which is a number consisting of 4 or more digits.

A smart door lock allows you to “give” the digital key to your friends or neighbours while you’re away, and they easily change it when you come back. This is a great solution to stop worrying about losing your keys.


Be on good terms with your locksmith

Although digital locks are increasing their market share, the traditional lock and key technique is going to be around for decades to come. For this reason, you should really be on good terms with your local locksmith.

If you notice that someone has tampered with your front door lock, having the contact of an emergency lock repair service will prove a lifesaver.

Just like you have a favorite hairdresser or a grocer, so should you find a reliable locksmith in the area because his/her expertise might prove essential to maintaining a high level of home security.



Avoid leaving valuables in plain sight

Moving on from “lock and key” strategies, there are a few tips that have to do with common sense. For one, move everything of value away from windows and glass doors. Basically, if you leave a necklace or a bundle of dollar bills on the sofa under the window, you are basically asking for trouble.

Burglars start their crime days ahead by staking out homes they deem interesting. Unless the notice anything of value inside your home, they are unlikely to try to break inside it while you’re away. Also, if you have a luxury motorbike or a car, make sure it safely stores inside the garage, away from inquisitive looks.

The ideal front door You are probably aware that the front door can boost the house’s curb appeal. However, after you’re done painting the front door, adding gaskets, and gluing the house number, you might want to address the issue of safety.

Apart from the obvious advice to choose a strong door, ideally made out of metal, you should avoid doors with glass sections on them. Even worse, if a glass panel is located near the lock and the door handle, you are essentially doing the dirty for the criminal trying to break into your home.


After-dark protection

One of the most vulnerable sections of your property is the backyard. Crooks love to jump over the fence under the cover of night and behind bushes and trees. Here, they bide their time when you are fast asleep and then they invade your home.

Luckily, you can deter burglars by installing powerful lights all across the backyard. In order to save money in the long run, the lights should be motion-activated so you don’t waste electricity. Furthermore, a burglar will be stunned when he/she triggers a light sensor, prompting him/her to flee your property.



Use window locks

Assuming your front door is burglarproof, the alternative entryways criminals seek are the windows. Since there are ways to force-open a window without breaking the glass, you need an extra layer of protection added to the window area.

Installing an alarm system on the window will alert you that you have an intruder but it will not physically prevent them from entering the house.

That’s why window locks are a better security solution because they jam the window in such a way that the only way to pry it open is by breaking the glass. Their low price is an additional benefit so there is no reason not to install window locks on basement and first-floor windows.


Learn to rely on law enforcement agencies and the neighbourhood watch

Although high-tech security solutions that you can engage remotely using a phone app (like opening and closing the garage door) are very efficient, don’t overlook the human factor. Namely, the local police department will be more than willing to send a squad car pass your home a couple of times a day while you are away on holiday.

Moreover, if you let the members of the neighbourhood watch you’ll be away for a while, they will keep an eye on your house and report any suspicious activity to the law enforcement.

These are some of the best ways to improve the overall security of your home. Mind you, no single security system is burglarproof on its own but it is the combination of smart technologies and the human factor that make a home fully safe.


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