A Colourful Mind Adult Colouring book Review by Eureka Colouring and Caroline Towning

Here we have it guys!

A new Adult coloring book called The Colourful Mind from Eureka Colouring with drawings made by Caroline Towning herself!

Inspired by Mindful and Zen moments, Eureka made this wonderful book that with the right music and a good cup of tea, can make your mind relax and release all the tension upon you.

What is Eureka Colouring?
Eureka Colouring was started by illustrator and animator Caroline Towning.
Caroline is an Illustrator and 3D animation and storyboarding, among other things; she reached a moment in time when she almost broke down and felt the need to make something positive in her life. 

It was then she found Mindfulness and started to colouring to de-stress.
As you notice I love to paint (hello Artsmum!) and this book was one of the most surprising because of it’s pages. 

Why? Because you can paint with watercolours. It’s so difficult to find a book of this quality.

On the video below,  I will show you the book and will paint with different types of coloring “tools” but I will try new methods.

A definitely must have in your collection and the perfect gift and a wonderful surprise for whom it get’s it.

For more information click in the logo below to be redirected to Eureka Website

P.s – If you speak with Caroline say hi from me. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this video


Cheerio #mindfulness

Thank you to Eureka and Caroline Towning
My Opinion is Honest and Unbiased

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