Hair Products – Tested and Approved!

Today a video about hair products that I have been testing, well me and my husband.

Remember that not everyone is equal so this is my review for what I tested and I do think is a good thing to show.

I wouldn’t show you awful things and say good about it. I am a honest person.

Products in the video:
Reversyl Spray – For both men and women, this product for thin hair, to help grow the hair back or hair that falls too often and too much, is excellent and really works. This is the Spray but is best to use the Shampoo as well.
Instanatural Argan oil Thermal protector Spray – great product for using before blow drying or styling. it contains Castor Oil, Vitamin B5 & Sunflower Seed Oil and it prevents dryness, damage & split ends
Eden’s Semilla Jojoba Oil – this is a multifunctional oil, can be used to either the split ends or to tame the hair, as well for nails or even face oil.
MagicSpell Brush by NuWay technology – my “sweet darling” brush, detangles, has a shape that goes well with you head shape and guess what? the brush filaments contains argan oil!! I love it so much!

See the video below


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