Homeopathy for Babies and Children Sleep Better

Do you hear that? No? That’s right!!
It’s that moment your little one is sleeping (finally)!

I didn’t had any problems with RJ sleeping, He started to sleep with a routine that me and my husband started since he was born (that early…believe me they learn routines, so start early).

And Early I started to give RJ Chamomilla in his milk and he never had a colic in his life.

Of course some days he can wake up at 6am other days he can sleep till 9am.
And as any child, he can wake u sometimes (specially if he is a bit poorly) in the middle of the night to have a snuggie, but I can’t complaint.
But for some this is not so easy. I know some cases of not sleeping for years.

So I decided to give a little help as an Homeopath.
This is only some tips, for any doubt please leave a comment below and I get to you privately.

Homeopathy is the way of finding the remedy that fit a person the best; in this case to restore a sleep (and help you parent person lacking in sleep). 

You can give your child Granules, Globules or Liquid drops

You can use this tip for Teething as well, and there’s only one way to keep a baby/toddler from suffering from teething.. and is with a little help of the correct homeopathic remedy.

Note: Always go to a professional Homeopath practitioner!

There are thousands of Homeopathy remedies, but to easy up this post, let me tell  you to two powerhouse homeopathic remedies that no household should be without: Chamomilla and Nux Vomica.

Chamomilla 30 is our #1 go-to remedy for babies who are having trouble sleeping. This remedy is renowned for calming the discomfort and outright pain of teething, but we think of it anytime a child is extremely irritable and inconsolable. Here are some other hallmarks:

  • Fractious
  • Often wakes with a scream, screech, or moan (from tooth pain)
  • Capricious. They indicate they want something, but when offered, it’s thrown away in anger
  • Oversensitivity to pain, noises and such
When a parent tries to hold the Chamomilla baby close to comfort her, she often responds by pushing away, arching her back in frustration and anger.
Even a sibling’s gentle touch can set off a torrent of screaming.

Run your finger along the baby’s gums to check for teething. If you can feel a tooth emerging, then Chamomilla 30 is likely the right remedy to help her sleep.
But remember that Chamomilla can work to calm children who fit this symptom picture even if they aren’t teething.

Give the remedy four times in one day for three to four days– it will often be just enough to witness marked improvement.
If the remedy initially helps the situation but symptoms return, resume giving the remedy, even if it’s days or weeks later.
Seek the expertise of a homeopath if the remedy brings some relief, but doesn’t completely do the trick. A higher potency may be needed to make the transition a permanent one.

Yes, permanent. With the correct remedy in the appropriate potency, many moms have witnessed enduring resolution.


Nux vomica
Other babies who have sleeping difficulties may need Nux vomica 30. When babies have been given medications such as antibiotics or Tylenol even months before, a disturbance of the central nervous system may cause insomnia.

Don’t discount medications given to the mother at birth as an exciting cause for the baby’s sleep troubles. Thankfully, Nux is the premier remedy for clearing out harmful substances from the body.

Babies needing this remedy often awaken at three or four in the morning and can’t get back to sleep. Gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, constipation, or an alternation of the two may also present.

Another apparent sign pointing towards Nux vom is irritability. If you select Nux vomica for your baby, offer it in the same manner as with Chamomilla. Whichever remedy you choose, stay with it until you’ve given it a four-dose chance.

Now that your baby is asleep, rejoice and … yes have a peaceful night!

Note: If you are concerned or need any help please let me know 
below in the comments!

Cheerio #homeopathyhelps

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