A story about a Story Gift

I love books and everyone knows that!

I also love to give books if I know people like books like I do and especially if I know which book they are looking for.

But what about giving a different type of gift that includes a book or any reference to their favourite book?

Now that would be nice! And It’s here!

One of my favourite books is Alice in Wonderland. I lost the counting on how many times I read the books and saw the movies (excuse me, but for me, The Movie is the original movie from 1951). It brings me back happy memories from my childhood, happy times and I know the lines from both movie and book.

And any present that brings Alice, is always welcome.

And because I am a good girl (*sniggers*), I got this amazing box filled with wonderful things related to Alice in Wonderland.



The Story Gift is exactly what it says: If a story gives you something that you can feel connected to it, anything related to it will give a continuity to that good feeling.

This brand is a new brand but has already conquered the heart of many bibliophiles like me.

The have Literary hampers already made like mine, with themes such as Jane Austen or Sherlock Holmes or even for babies, but you can also choose what to put inside the hamper and send directly to your loved one.

The quality is amazing and the products are well curated with different things from different places.


My Alice in Wonderland Hamper:



I would love any other hamper from The Story Gift, but my heart goes out to Alice of course!

What was inside:

  • Alice in Wonderland special collector book with Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking glass stories, with a hardcover and gold foil on the sheets.
  • A ceramic mug with a quote from the book, and one of my favourites!
  • 2 pencils with phrases or quotes from the book
  • A bookmark
  • A hardcover notebook related to the book with golden foil for your notes
  • A Scented Candle (oh my goodness… the best candle ever!)


But see the video for getting a better video on what was inside!



Superb gift! I am soooo happy! Make someone happy as well – treat yourself (*wink*)

See The Story Gift Website for more ideas!


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