AA Lavender and Tea Tree Moisturiser – Acne Treatment

Does your Teen (or maybe not Teen anymore) with Acne problems but you prefer a natural treatment for her/his skin?

The Amphora Aromatics treatment for young skins is for you.

They have a range of Lavender and Tea Tree that will help of oil and combined skin plus it’s antiseptic and antibacterial (yes Acne is a bacteria), which I highly recommend as I trust AA quality, since I don’t put any bad things on my skin.
They know their job in Aromatherapy!

I worked in Skin research for many years and this is what I’ve learned from experience in lab and with family and friends as well:

Acne is indeed a bacteria in the skin. 
You have to be very careful not to spread the bacteria to all of your face, such as not rubbing your face in the pillow case or have your own towel for when you clean the face in morning and evening.
This way you can avoid spreading and Having more acne.

If you do makeup, you should wash your brushes or sponges as well and disinfect it with a proper spray to clean  makeup brushes, and you should’t exchange makeup with anyone (sounds crazy but I’ve seen it).

You should always clean your face in the morning and evening, everyday, with a proper acne cleanser, tone after it and moisturize.
for at least 2 days you shouldn’t wear makeup, so your skin can breath and the pores aren’t covered.

Last but not least take good care of what you eat: grassy food, milk and dairy.

What kind of products can you search for?
Tea tree is one of the best things for Acne.  have seen lot’s of people using even alcohol in the face to dry (crazy people!) but nothing works like Tea Tree.

Here is what you can use:

Lavender and Tea Tree Cleansing Gel

Lavender and Tea Tree Moisturiser

And some other tips you can make:

  • Once every 2 to 3 weeks make a full face cleanse
  • Once a week make a face mask with Green Mud
  • Drink at least 1.5L of water or green tea

Trust me you will get better and your face will be fresh and clean.

Thank you to Amphora Aromatics

Cheerio #goodbyeAcne

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