Reasons Why Professional Headshots Are Important

Reasons Why Professional Headshots Are Important

The modern corporate world is a cutthroat one. Employment depends on thousands of little and seemingly invisible factors. Every one of them is important as they help to paint the best picture of you. CVs are received in the thousands, and making yours stand out is an art form.

Traditional methods are long gone and replaced by new ones, but there are still some principles that can be applied. Knowing any of them can give you a competitive edge when you are applying for that perfect job that you sough so much. All is fair and love and war and the battle to stand out have just begun.


1. Adding that human touch

The very word “corporate” implies soullessness, bureaucracy and artificial mechanisms. In such an environment, any touch of humanity is more than welcome. With that, a simple written CV that looks like a form or letter is one of the millions that circulate. It can very well be artificially made, by this point. There is nothing to make it stand out. But, by attaching an image of yourself to it, you are giving it that distinct human feel, and you are putting a face alongside the qualifications. Words can all look the same but, people and their appearance are unique and, it makes it easier for your employer to imagine you at your future job.


2. Networking

Ask any HR agency how many CVs they receive by the day and for one job. Countless. But ask them how many they remember? Much less and, we guarantee you that these have a quality and professional corporate headshot done by the experts that make them stand out. Even if you don’t get selected for the job the image of you stays in people’s memories. It is easier to remember people than applications. These pictures of yourself are not just for your CV.

They should be used on your LinkedIn account and your business cards as well. Think of them as your brand, your unique trait that makes you stand out among others. With that, it will make it easier for people to associate a job or a position with you. This is the goal here, as you want to stay in their memories and your future company.


3. Its self-improvement

Just sending who knows how many applications can be draining and soul-crushing. More so if you get rejected, and that’s perfectly normal. In the process, you can often think about various methods and ways for improving yourself and your chances. With a professional corporate headshot, you are already putting in more effort than the rest of the applicants. Just putting in the time and effort to get ready for that shot is a step in the right direction.

It shows that you are willing to work and improve yourself, while also showcasing your ability to take things to the next level. Self-improvement can take many forms and, this is the business and career part that you are aiming to improve about yourself. Staying motivated and focused on the end goal can be achieved by dedication to the little steps along the way. Every journey starts with that first step and, a beautiful photo of you that will put a spotlight on your qualities is just what the doctor ordered.


4. Updates are important

Just like your CV, that gets updated as you get more experience or learn a new skill, so too should your picture be refreshed from time to time. You are not the same person that you were just a year ago, let alone more. Maybe you got an incredible hair treatment that puts a new spotlight on you or makes you feel incredible. Or enough time has passed since you once did a photoshoot. Or something third entirely that makes you feel like a whole new person. That is exactly the time when you should refresh your CV picture.


While all of this may seem daunting at first, it gets easier as you start. One by one, pieces will fall into their place as you work out the kinks along the way. With a smiling and optimistic photo of you in front of your CV for everyone to see, you have a great chance of making those employment dreams come true. We wish you all the best.



Article by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a proud member of the Alejandra’s Life family

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