Artsmum is evolving to Alejandra’s Life

Many of you have noticed the little alterations I have been making here in the blog or on social media.

Seems like yesterday that I was a happy pregnant lady thinking and writing for Artsmum but now, 3 years after, and with so much changing in my life and working really hard, and having reached out 1 million of views and readers here in the blog, comes the time to show even more about me. And that requires a little change in the Blog name.

Artsmum’s link will continue but most of you will read more about Alejandra’s Life.

Alejandra’s Life will let me show you, in the same way, with the same topics, perhaps including some more topics, will let me show you My World – My Lifestyle.

Continue this journey with me as you have always been there, on that side, or for you that only now read me, a huge thank you!

Enjoy Alejandra’s Life – My World, My Lifestyle.

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