BBC GoodFood Winter Show 2016

There is nothing more than I love that going to Fairs and meeting new people and new things.

BBC Goodfood Shows show me that… and I love to go there!

This time, the Winter show was packed of lot’s of good British brands, old and new, known or not, big brands or little brands. I support all of them but have a little tendency for the started and unknown brands – I’m a soft heart.

Some known countries were there represented, such as Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, even Venezuela (my home country) was there! From Spirits and Beers, to Sushi and cakes, to sweets and bread, sausages and fish, without forgetting the cheeses and utensils….a bit of everything for Kitchen and Food with a Christmassy flavour.

The shows on the Supertheatre are always a fun thing and the tickets are always on demand, being sold out in many of the sessions.

WHSmith had a great stand with books from our known and beloved Chefs and book signings were always packed with people trying to see their inspirational chefs.

From Mary Berry to Paul Hollywood, my dear Hairy Bikers and the inspiring Michel Roux Jr, to say a few present, are the main celebrities in this show.

Let me show you some of the things I’ve seen (and tasted):

I went to a great Sushi workshop with YoSushi! – Watch out for the interview I’ve made in another post.

What Brands expected from the Public

I spoke with several brands about this point. The truth is that they were expecting that they would have sold more because of Christmas, but many of them, sadly, told me that they could not return for the next show since some of them lost money (the price of renting a place can be from £1600…) and many of them with new brands saw no public reception at all.

My point of view about this could be several such as:

  • Fear of spending money because of Political issues in the country (Brexit)
  • 30% of new brands of snacks/food are basically about the same (people need new things)
  • Proper Food, drinks or spices with proper prices to people’s pockets – be real please Brands!
  • Paying a ticket and then have to pay £12 for the parking as well – it’s too much for many people (and please don’t say use the train or the bus – people with disabilities and parents were the main public).


My advice to some brands:

  • The so called healthy snacks should consider and watch for food allergies that are appearing – for example me and my coconut allergies!
  • Prices for their products – nonsense products in a tiny package for £4 when there is like 30 brands for the same.
  • Rabbit Food is NOT healthy… for humans.


What I think this show didn’t had and I wish it had:

  • I noticed a lot more families with tiny children and why weren’t there any child snack/food brand?
  • Even this show had more places to seat down that the Summer one, there should be a seating area in the corridors of the entrances or by the Supertheatre.
  • The parenting Room was not fitted for children. Sorry 2 tables are not a nappy table exchanging and the bathrooms for exchanging were not signed properly – near the parenting room – I had to enter all the doors to see which one was available for nappy exchange, and it’s a shame since the bathrooms were new and tidy, but not signing.
  • More vegetables and fruit brands, fresh produce of farmers.


What I think the plus side of this show:

  • Really worth the ticket price – you can taste a lot of food/drink that normally you wouldn’t.
  • It’s a cultural learning, an enrichment and knowledge if you take your time to talk to each representative. great stories I’ve learn!
  • It’s buying things with a special price – fair price, which is cheaper than anywhere else.
  • It’s a great day out for families or couples.
  • It’s making workshops to learn or have more knowledge of things to do at home
  • It’s hearing or seeing that TV show personality you like to follow
  • It’s giving B’ham a great pride since this BBC show is considered among the brands, the best place!
  • The end of the day Goody Bags are absolutely worth it! (from Pasta to drinks, from sauces to chocolates)!


I DO love this show. I definitely recommend it.

Thank you to BBC Goodfood and TBP

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