Teething Kit from Gumigem

Teething is not easy.

Not easy for our little ones that suffer a lot, and not easy for us parents that sometimes we don’t know or exhausted all the possibilities to help them and we have to see them going through this.

If you think that teething is only for little one’s, like from 6 to 9 months, you are absolutely wrong!

For example, at 2 years old, the last molars are developing. RJ is going through this phase and he is always with his hands on his mouth and I notice that he sometimes has the need to chew something… including me.

Gumigem has a full range of products for teething, is not the 1st time I speak about them, but I wouldn’t be an ambassador of a brand I wouldn’t believe.

They just launched this teething kit full of goodies and this would be a great gift – and now with Christmas here – for any infant or toddler…

I have to be honest, and most of you will see themselves in my story: I am still suffering with a “heck” of a wisdom tooth that is still growing…

Let’s see what’s in the box:

Made from very resistible materials non-toxic and washable, this box brings from jewellery to toys and a bib for the little one. Comes in a very nice box and ready to be gifted.






Isn’t it gorgeous?? I definitely recommend it. RJ loved his remote (he a bit obsessed by remotes…well basically anything technological).

Would like to see more about this box and what it can contain? Go to GUMIGEM website.

Alejandra for AM

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