Grilling at Home for healthy food

As you know by now (if you have been following me) I am on a Weight Loss journey.

I live in an apartment and don’t have a place to make some BBQ (as in outdoor) and I DO miss my BBQ and grilled meat on the outside.

I was searching, for quite sometime, a Griddle Plate. Preferably with 2 sides for my induction stove top.

After my research I found this one on the Savisto website – Cast Iron Reversible Griddle Plate with Non-Stick Coating that is compatible with all stove tops including gas, induction and electric hobs; and double-sided: one side griddled and one side flat. Perfect!

The price is a very good one, I saw most of them above £50, this one was less than £30.

At first I thought that it wouldn’t be good, but still I ordered it.

My first thoughts when it arrived:

  • Heavy…real iron and heavy
  • Very sturdy, good looks
  • The handles are from iron as well, so there is no protection from the heat and you can burn yourself.
  • The size is a good one, cover half my stove top (2 hobs)


Some instructions first

These pictures are the real 1st time. On the instructions, Savisto advises you to always use a bit of olive oil and rub on the grilled or the flat side, so food doesn’t stick. As well as after grilling, pick up the grilled and wash it right away and not to let the grilled submersed in water. With all of this, you have to take care of it. We must remember that is a true Iron and it needs maintenance and care. Careful with burnings as well.


My review

It’s heavy and the handles aren’t protected, but it’s a good investment. It cooks perfectly, helps on the diet and the size is big enough for a family of 4. As any other BBq, it takes it’s time. It’s not a frying pan (faster) it’s a true BBQ grill plate so it will takes more than a frying pan. if you are making an outside BBq it will takes time as well right?

I like it very much. This was definitely a good bought and was exactly what I was searching for.


Nothing beats those grilled marks!

Easy to clean: After using it I wash it straight away.

The minor side is just you can’t put it in the dishwasher… but the fact it’s that it wouldn’t fit in my dishwasher machine… so no minor side.


I am now looking at these pictures and thinking of making some more grilled steaks…or why not grill some squids with veggies?

Here is where I got my Savisto Cast Iron Reversible Griddle Plate with Non-Stick Coating

What do you think?

Ale x

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