BMW i8 Car and Energizer

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Richie is trying the new RC car from Menkind, a brand new BMW i8, in the scale 1/14, which is huge, and we are having loads of fun.

But, as any parent knows, when kids have new toys, the batteries won’t last much, and since Richie loves his car and plays every day with it, I had to think about a new strategy, otherwise, money won’t last and I would have to buy a battery factory!

That’s when I came across with the new Energizer Batteries, called Max Plus. Max Plus are the new range from Energizer, even Mr Energizer has a new look and these batteries, and I can say for sure and honestly, have lasted for 2 weeks, playing every day, at least 2 to 4 hours a day, and they still going… and going…

Besides of being the No 1 battery that lasts longer, if you buy a packet, it will have a shelf time of 12 years!! Can you imagine coming across your garage after years, and have a packet like this for years and they still work? I think is a good solution to have several of these packets for emergencies, as they are really worth the money. Each pack of 4 batteries cost £5, but if you make the maths: lasts longer than other packets – It’s really worth the money. Because Richie is like the batteries: Never stop, like Energizer.

The car is really a great gift, I will also include the car on my Christmas Gift guide (to be launched in November) as made my little one so happy.

Got the car on Menkind and the video speaks for itself:





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