Bullet News App

I didn’t knew this App and really I was searching for something to read in my Mobile or Ipad. 
Some news about anything since being a parent sometimes makes you quit from the World and you sincerely don’t have either time to read a newspaper or magazine.

Contacted by Bullet News itself, I decided to download and check it.

Simply Perfect!

My Review: 
  • Imagine a Twitter but with important news! Simple and no dumb images.
  • Strict and clear from some reliable sources.
  • Easy to use and you can pick what do you want to see in your news feed, such as Topics like World news, Motor News, Entertainment news, Politics, Arts, etc.
  • One of the things that I do n an App is not giving permission for them to send any notifications because some of the Apps are spammers, on Bullet news I decided to give it a try, and what happens? They will send you a notification of some of the hot news, In 3 days of an App I received 2 notifications. Perfect!

I took some pics when I was on my mobile so you can check it.

You can refresh if necessary.

Home menu view

How you can read simply and direct news, you can even click on the Read More. It won’t open the Internet browser, it will open a window inside the App, so you don’t have to return to the App after it. Practical.

How you can share a news? I share a lot.

When you enter the Settings menu.

You can make your Home Menu with the topics that you like to read.

Customization menu  is very easy to select the topics to show on your Home menu.

I will definitely keep this App, it’s actual and useful. 

Parents you don’t have to hide from the world anymore! 
Read it while you rock your baby to sleep or feeding him during the night.

Check the Website where you can download for Apple, Google and Amazon gadgets, plus you can read online on your Computer.

Main Website of Bullet News


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