Healthy Family, Healthy life – What worries parents?

I think almost every parent thought about it:

What if something happens to me? What will happen with my children? 

The idea of leaving our children alone in the world, without us to protect is a terrible thought.
even if we have a lovely family and they will have them… still we are not with them.
Some might say: “No, I am healthy. I go to the gym, I eat healthy. Nothing can happen to me. These things only happens to others.”

You’re wrong and you know it.

Of course every one of us will eventually die someday (I’m not being negative, I am being realistic).
But our life can end so quickly and I am not talking about accidents on the road, being in the wrong place at the wrong time…

I am talking about the disease of the Millennium: 

Everyone has in the family someone who died or is battling against it, or know someone who has passed away with it.

At first we thought it was because of Polution, then came the Ozone hole, then the Transgenic, the Smoke, Alcohol, the Fat in food, Cow’s Milk (increasing the risk of growing a tumor for 70%)… but what about people that has Cancer and actually was a healthy person?
Genetics! Those family damn cells that runs in our DNA. Nowhere to run!

But while working as a Therapist, There was one thing (among loads of it) that I learned:
We can be healthy and still PREVENT DISEASES!

Prevention is THE word!

In my researches the word ProBiotics, are little “guys” that can work marvelous things inside our body.

And because of it, I will write once a week about a theme in Cancer and how to prevent it, along with some tips and what can you take to help (along ProfBiotics Laboratories).

It doesn’t hurt to hear and learn and could probably save someone.

And remember if you have any questions, you can comment here in the blog or reach me through Twitter or Facebook.

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