CBD Oil for Pregnancy: How Moms Are Using and All That You Need to Know

Pregnant Woman

By Gynecologist Dr RaeRae


Tired of ineffective medications, people are more and more seeking to use cannabis oil as a remedy for various ailments. Since it became such a trend, a lot of women are wondering if it is possible to use CBD for pregnancy.  We discussed this topic with moms and experts, and we share our findings with you.

Let’s be clear – there isn’t anything new or extraordinary in the fact that cannabis has certain benefits. People have been using it since antiquity for treating different medical conditions.  When it became clear that it also alters the state of mind, a lot of countries outlawed it. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that people stopped using it.

A few decades ago, research into effects of cannabis led scientists to the conclusion that another compound found in two strains of the Cannabis sativa plant doesn’t produce a high effect like THC, but has a lot of health benefits.


What is CBD Oil

The magical compound is called cannabidiol, or CBD, and is found both in marijuana and another strain, hemp. Further research established that the main difference between marijuana and hemp is in the fact, that unlike the first one, hemp almost at all doesn’t contain the infamous tetrahydrocannabinol but is packed with CBD.

So what is CBD oil, then?  The oil is made by extracting CBD from hemp or marijuana and then watering it down with some vegetal oil that serves as a carrier. Usually, people use hemp seed or coconut oil.


Benefits of CBD Oil

The more research has been conducted, the more we learn about CBD oil benefits. Many of these studies are still in progress, but we now know with certainty that it is an exceptionally potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory substance. There are proven positive effects in treating various conditions that involve chronic pain, such as arthritis. 

There is also a soothing effect when it comes to certain mental health issues, mainly anxiety and depression disorders. A lot of people reported feeling significantly better when replacing conventional medications with CBD oil. Additionally, studies involving humans showed that these mental health conditions, in particular quickly improved in those people who used CBD oil. Experts say that the main points to understand before starting therapy with it is how does CBD oil work and apply the right CBD dosage, as well as different ways to obtain the best from CBD, such as gummies, oils or ointments just like https://area52.com/ has.

The newest research also signals that it can alleviate symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COPD. If you are interested, you can learn more about the best CBD oil for COPD.


CBD Oil for Skin


Is It Possible To Use CBD Oil for Pregnancy

As much as it is wonderful and makes you happy, pregnancy is also a challenging period in a woman’s life. Your body and mind are going through various changes that, more often than not, include a lot of pains and aches. Since CBD is becoming so popular, it is only natural to ask can you use CBD oil for pregnancy.

Technically, our answer would be yes, you can use CBD oil for pregnancy. However, there are some things that you need to know and be careful about.  First of all, before starting to use any product while you are pregnant, you need to ask your OB/GYN for pregnancy advice. If you wanted to do some further reading, you could also check out Weed News for some advice and articles about how-to and other topics regarding CBD.

It is important to mention that once you start research on CBD Oil for pregnancy, you are going to find a lot of texts addressing the negative effects. You should keep in mind that this mainly concerns CBD that comes from marijuana. Smoking or taking it in any other form can be harmful both for you and the baby because of the high levels of THC. Nonetheless, CBD oil that comes from hemp, and you are sure that the level of THC is under 0.3 % is safe and beneficial.

Besides being quite effective in eliminating pains and aches that appear during pregnancy, it is good in terms of using CBD oil for pregnancy morning sickness.  Since it is an efficient painkiller, of course, it can help with contractions during labor.

Once again, if you decide that you want to use CBD oil for pregnancy, you need to be 100% sure that it doesn’t contain THC. If you are not sure, an alternative to ingesting it is using skin care products with CBD. The thing is that when you apply it on the skin, it doesn’t enter the bloodstream, so there isn’t a slight chance that something goes wrong but provides much need relief.



When you are wondering whether it is okay to use CBD oil for pregnancy, you mustn’t do it before you consult your doctor.

Also, you need to make sure that your product comes from a safe and trustworthy seller. Do you know of some benefits of CBD for pregnancy?

If you’re interested in learning more about or trying CBD oil, check out this medically-reviewed guide to CBD oil in the UK.



Author’s Bio: Rae-Rae is a gynecologist, mom, and writer. She learned about CBD oil from her friend and started to explore the topic. After doing a lot of research and participating in a study that included only women, she concluded that CBD can be a good remedy to alleviate various symptoms of pregnancy. Just as long as it comes from a safe source. 


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