Chai Tea Latte from Drink Me Chai

Transport yourself for a moment to the vibrant heart of an Indian market… to where Chai wallahs sell their special brand of spiced, sweetened tea in small clay cups. This is where it all began – and where people have been enjoying the sensuous exoticness of chai for centuries.

Drink Me Chai is one of the brands that I have been knowing in my work, and I became addicted not only because of the flavours and the variety but as part of their dream on showing the world wonderful flavours from the East.

What is a Chai Tea latte?
Well imagine a mixture of spiced tea, curries and milk…imagine nutmeg buns and relax “me time” only in one cup. For me that’s what it is.

Great in the morning to spice up the day, after a day of work or a digestive drink after a meal. Any time is good for a Chai Tea Latte.
(did I said I am becoming a Chai tea Latte groupie?).

Drink Me Chai is the 1st UK brand of retailers of instant tea, ahead of brands as Starbucks or Costa. Way to go!!

I love the original flavour but now I am loosing weight so the Skinny blend will stay.
It has the same full flavour of the original flavour so it’s a goodness cuppa with less calories.

Definitely got our 5 star seal!

See here more about Drink Me Chai

Cheerio #chaitealatte #musthave

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