Christmas Gift Lists: Gadgets and Tech

Popcorn Maker

 Vintage Popcorn Maker


Brilliant piece of Decor and an excellent appliance for anyone that loves their popcorn (do you know someone who doesn’t love popcorns?? See my review here.

Get yours on Menkind.











Sega Mega Drive

Remember them? Well, it’s back, with wireless controllers and with the best 85 games already installed. Accepts your old cartridges!

I got mine at Menkind, get yours too!












Game Boy Watch

Just like my 80’s game Boy, but a watch! I have bought one of these for little RJ, for when he is older. Has alarm and has a cool retro green light.

I got mine at Menkind.










DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone

the ultimate DJI for the perfect filming. Mostly a toy for grownups, this is the thing to have!

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Fx-179 Selfie Drone

If you are starting in the world of drones, let me tell you one thing: pick one of a medium size, the little one’s will be difficult to film with and no quality. So Here is a Selfie one to start and have fun with photos. Brings it’s own App.

Get it on Menkind










3D Film Maker

This is a super nice gadget and super friendly to the pocket! Make your 3D movies to be ready for your VR glasses. Easy as that.

Got it online











Polaroid OneStep Camera

Shake it like a polaroid picture! Everyone loves a polaroid. And here is the new version of the printable camera. You can print it on the camera or send directly (via Bluetooth) to the app and share on social media from a true polaroid.

Got it online










Samsung Curved UHD TV 55″

My famous tv trending on Youtube and which you can see the video review here.

It’s been working absolutely fantastic and the quality is the best. The price also has been lowering, so grab a bargain.

Got mine online






POCOPHONE F1 by Xiaomi

6GB RAM and 128GB Storage (Dual Sim)

A very good phone for the price and probably one of the best chinese brands that are expanding. The camera is an absolute beaut and works wonderfully.

I was pretty amazed at the quality of it, and I can honestly say a competitor for some big brands. I do like Xiaomi as a brand, and big brands need competitor like Xiaomi to lower their super expensive phones that haven’t changed anything. Face recognition tested in every way! Work really good.

Got mine here









Mi Box Android 6 TV, 4K, HDR

All in one place. For those that don’t have a tivo box or a smart tv, but still like to have their Amazon video or Netflix in one place, here is the box. Xiaomi of course!

Here is one review online.

Got mine on Amazon









Q9 SmartWatch for Android / iOS

Couldn’t have a Gadget guide without a smartwatch.

I got this one in Blue, but it brings a black leather strap as well, so choose a colour and you get 2 straps. For the price, this is a cool gadget to have. It can read heart rate and even the blood pressure! See the video review.

Got mine online










Teclast Master T10 Tablet

Hubbys toy. He swears by it, is one of the best tablets he has. The truth is… It really is! for the price, the quality of the image and how powerful it is, makes you wonder why spend a salary in another tablet.

See Ryan’s Review online

Got the tablet online

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