Mindfulness for Busy People – Let’s Read!

I have been so busy doing so many things (or getting sick or even treating my family, that I have been putting my reading list a bit to the back as all I want with my precious quiet minutes is actually to sleep.

So sorry to all the authors and publishers that have sent me your books for reviews, I haven’t forgot you, just need a bit of more time to give them a proper read and proper care of analysis.

…Which brought me to this Book:

Mindfulness for Busy People by Drs Michael Sinclair, Josie Seydel and Emily Shaw.


And they write about how to turn from a Frantic Frazzled “hooman” into a calm and composed human being!


London at 5pm anyone?


First of all, I do meditate and even make guided meditation with groups for almost 16 years, and mindfulness is not meditation, is a state of the mind in which you need to pause and analyse yourself and keep focused on positivity.

I loved the fact that this book, actually has a webpage attached to it with music to accompany you while reading the book and also to help you on the quick and easy to follow exercise that can be done even on your coffee break.

The authors have a science background, specially from psychology and mindfulness and created this super amazing book, which whenever I read it or even look at it, reminds me of my time in London running around. Nowadays, Whenever I return to London for work I actually stop and watch people so busy with their phones and the lives they have and I do appreciate i am not one of those people anymore.

A couple of weeks ago I was in a PR Event and was talking about this exact same thing and at least 3 people (out of 10) said to me they lived like that and they got so depressed and actually had anger issues, the negativity affected them and all that surrounded them, family, friends, pets… And then I spoke about the mindfulness and meditation, and also about this book.


This book is about a real mindfulness, straight down to earth and not full of nonsense. No esoteric thingies here.

This books is about giving you or reminding you (in my case) on how to improve your focus, raise your energy levels, regain that creativity and efficiency that you had but, because of different factors (aka stress life) you forgot about it or simply don’t have the time or energy to make them stay in position daily.

Full of benefits, mindfulness is something that should be teached in school, to actually have a whole new meaning and integration in our lives.

This was a brilliant book to read and most certain to stay in my go to bookcase area, because the excises are so good and the music that accompanies it is a simply must hear.

Practice your heart out with Mindfulness for Busy People.


Get your copy online: Mindfulness for Busy People




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