Are you watching what your child eats? EYNP is here.

Specially in school/nursery? Then hear this out.

I recently been invited by the EYNP (Early Years Nutrition Partnership), on the Childcare Expo in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

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A very fun event and we met Ben Faulks (aka Mr Bloom from Cbeebies) which created a healthy eating song (very catchy by the way…an absolute earworm) and we had so much fun.

It was actually RJ’s first even with me. (*yayyyy*) – I love spend new experience with him and letting him know new and fun things whenever I can.

EYNP is primarily working to raise standards of nutrition in early years settings (nurseries and pre-schools), which I think they are absolutely right.

The Early Years Nutrition Partnership is an independent social enterprise led by a network of nutrition professionals (Registered Nutritionists and Dietitians) with experience in the early years. Like you, we know that the future outcomes and lifetime health of young children can be influenced by good nutrition practice early in their lives.


The EYN Partnership programme is designed to work for you whatever the needs of your setting.

EYN Partnership registration will give you access to a dedicated nutrition professional working with you in your setting to meet your needs, providing ‘hands-on’ help and support on your journey to improve and enhance your whole setting approach to nutrition practice.

The support provided by your local nutrition professional will be tailored and nuanced towards the demographic of your setting and the community in which you operate, because we recognise that all early years settings are different and face different challenges.

The EYN Partnership resources have been developed using the expertise of the British Nutrition Foundation and the Pre-school Learning Alliance with guidance from the EYN Partnership Expert Panel.

We need to teach our children from early age on how to eat their food.


But let me show you (Careful is actually catchy!) Ben and EYNP new song:

You can download here the Song Lyric sheet – Healthy Food Song Lyrics

Read more on the Early Years Nutrition Partnership Nutrition Website


Now a bit of my mind about children nutrition on nurseries:

Actually I wasn’t going to write anything about the following, since you all know that I am not a person that exposes problems or rants online, but I am actually Livid and Mad of a £1000 per month nursery, whose menu doesn’t include meat or fish and gives as a snack, crackers and raisins (yuck…i absolutely hate raisins), in which I have been asking them to either change the menu or I will make my son food – which started to happen now. Today they’ve told me that they now have a policy of NOT warming the food that parents send to their children. Not even if I sign a paper telling the nursery what is his lunch and signed at my responsability (nursery policies, I don’t actually mind this).

Do you like to eat cold food? Well I absolutely Not and think this is absolutely bonkers and a lack of respect for the children. So now I am thinking about changing RJ to another proper nursery.

Have you noticed the menu on your child’s nursery? Let me know what are in the menus because I need some guidance here, is this normal? I don’t think so, but then I am a foreigner.


Some examples from what they eat on mine:

  • Crackers with cream cheese and raisins
  • cauliflower and broccoli bake (with cheese…. with RJ is lactose intolerant…)
  • vegetable stir fry with noodles
  • apples and raisins

Do you see any meat or vegetables in here? There you go…

So Thank you to EYNP – I am rooting for your work and hopefully it will arrive to the whole country, because we need to change those awful menus.


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