Curvy Basics: Simply Be Fashion

For a Curvy or Plus Size woman, there is always some basic fashion to have in the wardrobe.

Let me show you.

I have a haul to show you with some pieces I’ve got from Simply Be UK, which I am really grateful for them to send me and “pimp” my wardrobe (it was actually needing it).

You can’t go wrong with some basics. You don’t need loads of clothing in your wardrobe if all the clothing is low-quality material or because “it was on trend” and doesn’t fit you properly, leaving you with a very bad figure and not sexy at all.

I have been saying this for years: you can be curvy, but please be elegant.

The fact is that, until recently, some fashion brands have been studying our curvy bodies and actually learning that we have Curves! That we are petite, tall, curvier in the bum, wider legged… etc.

And the Plus size fashion is growing with even more elegant, prettier and well manufactured with proper materials to fit our lovely bodies.

Simply Be is one of those, love them to bits, they are affordable and have a wide range of sizes that will definitely fit everyone.


The Basic things in this post, are some pieces that you should have:

  • A good pair of fitting Jeans (no-nonsense jeans that fit in a place and don’t fit in others)
  • A body shaper (believe me…you will want one)
  • A good well-fitted lingerie set
  • A pair of Heels (that actually fit the width of your feet)
  • A Dress (love this one!)


A good Pair of Jeans

Jeans… love them or hate them, they are a basic on anyone’s wardrobe. To go out with the proper shoes and proper upper top/blouse, they started to be for miners to go to work (resistant) and now they are basic for women and men.

My type of body requires Straight leg jeans. My leg and calf is wide and this type of jeans was always my favourite. Can be worn with heels, boots or sandals.

The elasticated waist will help to get comfortable and fit perfectly in the bum and back. My size is an 18 in short, so no need to make seams. (yay!). Fitted as a glove. Comfortable, cute and a great quality of Jeans.

I got mine here: Simply Be Jeans


A Body Shaper

Love them… Absolutely love the body shapers for anything.

But this one got my heart.

With non-padded cups, this body shaper can be used underneath a dress to keep a full figure with no “cuts” for separate lingerie, making you elegant and practical.

You also can wear the body shaper with skirts or even with trousers, but I got this for my dresses, as I have many events coming in the next months that will require them.

This one is a light body shaper, meaning it has a light density (you can find other densities to Simply Be as well), is black and has an easy opening on the crotch.

Always make sure that when you buy the body shaper, to notice the size of the cups as well.

Got mine here: Body Shaper


A Lingerie Set

A good one, I must say. One of those sets that will make you feel like the sexiest woman alive and grow your confidence.

You can have all your cotton briefs, but a great-looking and high-quality set is always a basic thing t have in your drawer.

This set from FigLeaves is absolutely amazing.

A lace grey and rose tone that will fit you smoothly, making you feel like a goddess.

Always make sure the bra size and cup fit perfectly in the shoulder straps, below the breasts and below the armpit.

A good Bra will make every difference in your body shape and make it look good.

So work out those assets!

Got my Set here: Bra: Figleaves Rose Lace

                                  Brief: FigLeaves Rose Lace Midi Brazilian Briefs



I actually spent my 20s in heels.

Now, even though I only wear heels sometimes, there have to be some pairs of heels in my wardrobe.

And a pair of Nude Heels will never go wrong, and you will wear them thousands of times as they are cute and elegant with lots of clothing to mix and match. For work, for a night out, or simply because you just love them.

With dresses or even with a pair of jeans, a good pair of heels with the proper width and proper size, comfortable will be your basic must-have.

If your front toes are screaming for help, then that width is not for you. Make sure you measure your feet and search on Simply Be chart to match your foot and see the difference.

There is a difference between the right shoe from a low-quality shoe: In a good measured and good quality shoe (like these) you will walk like on a catwalk, in the other you will be a newborn giraffe walking.

Got my cute heels here: Nude Court Heels


An elegant Dress

I am so excited about this dress.

As you have been following me, sometimes I go to events, and Dresses are always the best option for these parties or gatherings.

A good elegant dress is a must-have for any woman. A little black dress is always a must-have, but what about the new trend of Maxi dress in Bardot frills in Midnight Blue?… Oh! With its own choker!

This dress has a short version as well, but for a night dress or an occasion dress, I decided on this one.

The frills will make all the difference. Firstly because it will cover the arms (the part of my body that I haven’t loved yet) and is a detail that will make all eyes look at your beautiful neck and face. Is a detail to attract attention to your pretty makeup.

The dress doesn’t have any buttons or zips, so easy to wear and take, with a back slit to show those shoes.

The material is really flattering, a type of stretchy scuba fabric, that you can wear with the body shaper for a more flattering body.

You can wear this dress for events (like I will) or any other occasion such as weddings or parties.

Pair it up with some nude heels or why not some red shoes to make a strong statement. Anything is possible and I loved how the dress looks on me.

Got my dress here: Night Ruffle Bardot Maxi Dress And Choker


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