Do’s and Don’ts for Pretty Opal Rings

In recent years, the popularity of gemstones and semi-precious stones rose significantly. Nowadays, people opt for this type of jewelry more often than any other type. The fact that they’re so versatile and unique makes them instantly more appealing than any other type of mass-produced jewelry.

So, it comes as a no surprise that pretty opal rings seem to reign supreme. Opal comes in many shades and colors, which makes it a top choice for various jewelry pieces. However, opal rings seem to be where it’s at.

If you have an opal ring and you’re not quite sure how to care for it properly, here are some helpful tips.


Do clean it with a damp cloth

Opals are quite sensitive. Of course, with so many varieties, not all of them are equally sensitive but all of them require some special care. Since opal is quite a soft gemstone, it can get damaged fairly easily. That’s why, when cleaning it, you should be using a damp, soft cloth only.

Additionally, opals can contain from 3 to 30 percent water and they are quite porous. What this means is that you should never leave your opal ring fully submerged for a prolonged period. This could only result in your opal drying out and cracking once you take it out.

You can learn more about additional opal properties on Moon Magic website that will allow you to learn how to care for your ring properly.


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Don’t use any harsh cleaning agents

As mentioned earlier, opals are quite sensitive. This means that any harsh cleaning product or agent will most certainly damage it beyond repair.

So, when cleaning your opal ring, avoid using anything with abrasive properties. This means no scrubbing and polishing of any kind. Also, chemical cleansers and cleansers that are not made specifically for opals should be avoided entirely.

Such a delicate and beautiful gemstone requires proper and careful care, so make sure you provide it with just that. 


Do know your opal

When it comes to caring for opal rings, it’s very important to know which type of opal is the one featured in your jewelry piece. Not all opals require the same type of care and some are simply sturdier than others.

For instance, if your ring features a solid opal stone, it will be somewhat more durable than pieces that contain opal doublets or triplets. Since doublets and triplets are made by gluing a slim layer of opal onto a backing, if you don’t care for the property, you can easily damage the sealant that is holding the doublet – or triplet – together.

This will result in your opal taking on a “foggy” appearance, which will ruin its look entirely.


Image by equicentaure from Pixabay


Don’t leave it to chance

Finally, make sure you don’t leave the faith of your opal ring to chance. When doing any work that’s harsh on your hands, make sure you remove your ring. This way, you’ll ensure that you don’t damage your opal on accident. Moreover, if – for whatever reason – you need to store away your opal ring, make sure it doesn’t dehydrate and crack.

That’s why, when storing it away, you should seal it in a plastic bag along with a damp cotton piece. This way you will ensure that your opal stays properly hydrated. If you need to store it for a longer period, make sure you check up on it from time to time. 


So, as beautiful as opals are, you need to know that they’re quite sensitive. If you choose to buy an opal ring, see to it that you care for it properly to ensure that your ring stays beautiful and stunning for a long time.



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Article written by Nemanja Marinkoff for Alejandra’s Life

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