Ear Style – Earring and Ear Cuffs

Fashion time Mums and Dads!

Either for you or for your Kids, Ear Piercing for some is a common word for others is a destruction of the body.

Anyone has their pinion, for me is a normal thing, depending if you’re really into something chic and fashionable.

I have the normal ear piercing, on both ears. I’ve tried, like 15 years ago, to make a second piercing in the ear, and after 3 months things weren’t happy and it was infected and nasty. It wasn’t fault from the person or the place I went, It was my Body that rejected and that’s when I started to notice that I was suffering from Anemia back then (still today battling with it). 

Sometimes people got infection on Ear piercing and other kind f piercings, and blame the person or the place they’ve done the piercing (which they exist) but normally is our body that rejects the material or simply the opening in the flesh.

Still, you have nowadays, loads of earrings (the one I call the 80’s earrings) that don’t need piecing or others that can be place in the ear, the so in vogue ones: Ear Cuffs (which I LOVE!!).

I received 6 gifts from

The Body Jewellery Shop based in the UK and founded in 2000, stock a wide range of body jewellery for all of your body piercing needs.

In the online Body Jewellery Store you will find an unbeatable range of 12,000 products including body jewellery, piercing tools, fashion accessories and coloured contact lenses all at low prices. 
The range of body jewellery is probably the largest you will find in a variety of diameters and lengths!

They provide first class customer service with secure ordering online and off-line, worldwide delivery including next day UK delivery on most of our products and free delivery to anywhere in the world when you spend over £10. 

The quality is very good, not to mention the quantity of models they have!
finding earrings for my ears is always tricky since I have really small ears, child like…really… no comments. 

Here are the models that I received 
(if you click the photo you will be redirected to 
the online shop for the model I am wearing):

With My new hair Do! This earring was perfect for me but in reality is for the Tragus.

Love these 2! The Star EarCuff and the red flower. The red Flower is also for the Tragus
The Silver Star Ear Cuff alone

The 3 Star Ear Cuff
ArtsMum Mum is fashion as well with the Earcuff in silver and golden balls.

This Ear Cuff is fantastic for Elegant parties or simply if you want to be chic.

You can use it either way
The final look!

What do you think about Ear Piercing?

Thank to to the 
Body Jewellery Shop

Cheerio #FashionTime

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