Dress Classy Always

Dress Classy Always

The sophisticated look is not for everyone, but if you covet the classy look, there are a few fashion tips and tricks you can employ to ensure you always look as sophisticated as possible.


Start with neutrals

A really easy way to look classy no matter what you wear is to start with a base of neutrals. Classic colours like white, cream, camel, and ivory will almost always look more effortlessly stylish, and expensive than garments in other colours, even if they aren’t exactly designer, and you can always make them a bit more interesting by adding pops of colour with your accessories.


Go for block colours

If neutrals really aren’t your thing, then choose garments in classic colours like red, navy blue, and emerald green, and choose outfits that allow you to wear a block of that colour rather than fussy patterns. This will always look stylish and sophisticated.


Stick to classic patterns

Of course, there will be times when you do want to wear a pattern. If that is the case, stick to classic patterns like Breton stripes, houndstooth, or delicate ditsy prints. Bolder patterns can work well if you know how to style them, but if you are unsure, then it’s always better to play it safe with classic neutral prints.


Keep jewellery understanded

Jewellery can really help to bring an outfit together and add little pops of sparkle that draw the eye, but they can end up looking a bit brash or unsophisticated. If you want to keep things classy choose jewellery that is gold, silver, or platinum from good, but not necessarily expensive, brands like this Greek jewellery and stick to wearing one or two smaller pieces. So, if you’re wearing a necklace, choose a bracelet or ring, not both, for example. This will help you to avoid veering into tacky territory.


Make it monochrome

Monochrome is also a good choice if you want to look classy. A crisp white shirt paired with lack cigarette pants or an all-white outfit is never not going to flatter your physique and up your game in the style stakes.


Three colours max

You should always aim to wear a maximum of three colours if you want to avoid your outfit looking too busy. So, a black and white dress with a red bag and pumps would be fine, but adding in a yellow hair accessory may tip things over the edge. Lots of colour works well if you’re trying to create a quirkier look, but for classy styles, less is definitely more.


High neck and waist

Styles that have a high waistline or high neck will always enhance your style. Not only are turtlenecks and high-waisted trousers very flattering, but they are also very comfortable to wear, and when you feel comfortable, you will naturally walk with more poise and grace.


Now you can take your style to the next level by making a few simple tweaks to your wardrobe, so what are you waiting for time to put your classiest foot forward.


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