Ways To Make Employees Feel Special During the Holiday

Ways To Make Employees Feel Special During the Holiday

Appreciate your employees year-round but add a surprise during this season of giving. There are different ways to make employees feel special during the holidays. Luckily, this list includes the best options!


Give Gifts

The first and most obvious way to make employees feel special is with a gift. Select the perfect present for staff members and attach a “happy holidays” note. Try to find options relevant to your industry. For instance, if you need a gift for a nail technician, a self-care gift bag is a perfect gift idea. Furthermore, customized lunch bags are great for office employees! To save time, select a bulk company gift like T-shirts and mugs.


Cater Lunch

Select a day to cater lunch. Everyone loves a good meal, and you can surprise workers with a delicious lunch. Pick a popular restaurant and purchase various dishes. Go beyond the standard pizza or sandwiches and pick a decadent option. Perhaps a pasta bar is the best idea, or maybe a taco station will entice workers. The choice is up to you!


Host a Holiday Party

Besides gifts, parties are the classic “thank you” present to employees. Let workers socialize and decompress during a fun company party. Offer tasty snacks, great beverages, and upbeat tunes. For extra fun, do a gift exchange. You can also opt for a movie day and play holiday classics like Home Alone, The Holiday, or The Grinch.


Send Handwritten Notes

Make employees feel special during the holidays by writing them handwritten notes. Personalize the notes with specific details and showcase your appreciation. Don’t forget to mention how valuable employees are to your operation. Here’s an example note:

“Jessica, I appreciate your presence and guidance on our sales team. With your help, we exceeded our revenue goal. I value your expertise and look forward to your ideas. Thank you for being a great team member. Happy holidays!”


Offer Holiday Bonuses

Who doesn’t love extra money, especially during the holidays? If your budget allows it, consider holiday bonuses. Employees will appreciate the extra cash! With happy employees, expect higher engagement and increased productivity. This comes in handy during busy days, which are common during the holiday season.


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