Elly Pinx Jewellery Review

You noticed by now that I love to review Jewellery.

Let me show you about my new picks of Elly Pinx jewellery Collection and you will want them too!

Spoiler alert: It’s Gorgeous!!

If you remembered my Live videos on my Facebook page and the Youtube Videos about the BBC GoodFood Show Summer 2016, I was sponsored by some known brands, between them, Elly Pinx.

Let me tell you about Elly Pinx Brand:

  • The owner/designer of the company has been designing and manufacturing costume jewellery for more than 25 years – so this is what guarantees the quality and provides lots of credibility to customers. They have over two decades of experience and knowledge of the jewellery industry within the company so customers can rest assured that the jewellery is good quality and they can trust the brand.
  • They have just started selling online direct to consumer.
  • They have just launched a brand new website
  • It’s a London based company
  • Every single piece in each collection is unique in some way! The designer of the company ALWAYS creates a unique design, so the jewellery is unique and original
  • They only produce limited runs of each piece – maybe only a couple of hundred of each for some pieces, so each piece is very limited and if you buy it you can be assured there’s not many other people who will have the same piece!
  • Although designs are unique and original they try and ensure the jewellery is highly affordable – the goal is that the jewellery is accessible for everyone!
  • They have free delivery and returns for customers
  • They have a large range of different styles and looks (something to suit all tastes and looks) – covering necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

I was delighted to be sponsored by Elly Pinx.

My Thoughts:
They have a large collection and it’s quite easy to find something to everyone.
Statement necklaces, I think, it’s their forte. For all type of necks, with Gold, silver, rose gold or any other color, the materials are of very good quality and they last. I always take good care of my jewellery, but sometimes is not easy not have contact with water, and that can be a bad thing for jewellery creating fading or rust. Till now, I used some of the pieces in rain or washing hands (with bracelets) and they are perfectly fine, so they look and are durable.

Let me show you the pieces:

Crystal Leaf Earrings in Gold tone


Personalized Guardian Angel Bracelet


Brown Faux Leather Bracelet


Misshapen Stacking Bangles


Contemporary Statement necklace – Silver and Gold


Wire knotted Chunky Necklace in Copper tone



Gold Knot Circle Necklace


Statement necklace in Rose Gold and Silver

What do you think?

Here is the video showing the pieces ‘Live’

See more Collection from Elly Pinx

Cheerio #jewellery

Thank you to Elly Pinx
My opinion is honest and Unbiased

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