Weight Loss Journey with The Body Confidence Programme – Week 1 to 4


For those mothers that had a baby after the 30’s, I don’t know about you, but for me it has been difficult to lose weight… When I was on my 20’s it was easier.

I started to make a new guided diet called The Body Confidence Program with Ru-tee, she was a model for Adidas and is a personal trainer with a wonderful team that can help a lot.

Basically you have 8 weeks, following a menu and planned exercises, while you get the most inspiring emails everyday with Ru-tee’s warm smile and have someone that can always help you when you have may doubts or a facebook group where everyone can chat and ask questions or put those doubts, sharing experiences on how the diet is going.

Let’s say that in 4 weeks, I’ve lost 20 inches on the whole body, which is kind of 50 cms, and Jeans size lower. YAY!


What is included in the program:

  • Food list, Weekly Menu and Recipes
  • Exercises (with and without videos) guided by Ru-tee
  • A weekly Monday Conference call where you can let everyone know how is it going for you and set your goals and answer some questions
  • A weekly measurement, where you can track how much you’re losing
  • Facebook group
  • Daily morning email with motivation
  • and many other tips to guide you


You are never alone and with a simple click, you can have your doubts dissipated with a great team.

I loved the way that with each morning email, you can feel motivated, and how you can notice (if you follow some easy tips) lose inches. The goal here is inches and not pounds. Why? because sometimes we are more bloated because we eat at the wrong times or the wrong food, and that bloating or water retention needs to be treated, plus when you start doing exercise, your muscle will grow (still burning fat) and can weight more.

The Body Confidence Program promises that if you follow their menus and their tips you can lose 2 Jeans size… On my 3rd week, I’ve lost one and I am continuing to do it because I am really noticing an amazing transformation.

On the 2nd post (by week 8) I will put the photos before and after.

And a quick note: It’s a wonderful transformation in 2 months what i couldn’t do it in 22 months(since I had my RJ).


About the diet:

Not going to lie, those 3 first days are terrible… energy 0 to 2… headaches, cravings… you never think that it could be so difficult to miss bread or pasta… these 4 weeks are a detox from all the gluten, sugars and dairy we consume and makes us look bad and feel bad.

The menus are easy peasy to follow, for example, one of my favourites is turkey home made burgers (I buy the Turkey mince and add my own seasonings) with sweet potato and rosemary chips in the oven. Easy, yummy and still low in carbs and excellent in protein.

You have 3 meals a day (the most important ones, i consider them Breakfast, lunch and diner, but you can eat them at whatever time you want or have time to) and 2 snacks between the meals.

The diet menus consist in 6 days, on the 7th is your cheat day where you’re “free” to do whatever you want but keep n mind not to ruin everything (my tip) and keep it always your plate with 65% Protein and 35% everything else.

I feel great, lighter and optimistic that I can reduce even more.

Weight LossJourney (1)

What do you think about this and have you tried The Body Confidence Program or have any other program or diet to share?

let me know in a comment below.

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