Everdine: Gourmet diner at yours?

Everdine is a new UK-based subscription service of clean, gourmet meals delivered to your home or office.

I created my account, selected my 8-meal plan and then I just waited and voila! Gourmet food in my place!

As a working mum, I can’t seem to remember the last time I could go to a fine dining with Hubby. So I decided that we would appreciate some dating nights with Everdine and a good glass of wine.

The box arrived, really well packed with the frozen food, so it was just put them in the freezer.

To prepare? just put them in the microwave for only 10 minutes (depending on the recipe).

You have a varied set of meals, with meat or vegetarian, they are well balanced and healthy meals, and the meals have a description of all the ingredients and any possible allergens. Everything is described in every meal box as well as online. Each meal should be stored in the freezer immediately after you get them.

When we speak about frozen food, many of you will twitch your nose, as I did (guilty)… I have to say I was sooooo amazed because the food is REALLY GOOD!! Oh my goodness! Worth every penny… every single fork was so good.

Fresh food, with true meat and true spices. Fresh, really tasty and without a hassle to prepare. 7 to 10 minutes, depending on the meals. Fresh and healthy and balanced meal. Great for anyone, especially those that want to eat healthy meals and don’t have time to make them.

Absolutely brilliant!

I made a little video with the unboxing and showing some foods AND I have a £25 Off Coupon (see below).

ATTENTION: Mouth Watering images ahead!


Use this exclusive discount for £25 off your 1st box with Everdine and see what I am talking about.

Redeem Here


FTD: I was invited to test Everdine‘s service thanks to a company called Tornado. Thank goodness for the experience. 

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