Facial Sprays: Tone, Energize, Hydrate and keep cool

People tend not to use Facial Sprays.
Some people don’t know what they are, some think they are expensive others don’t give much importance.

I have to say that I only started to use them when I was 18 years (some … a lot years ago) when I started to work with Clinique and Biotherm. Was our rule number one. When you give your face to photo campaigns, your face HAVE to be hydrated to the top. And with all the traveling, food, work and stress, sometimes is really difficult. After all we are only humans.
What is a Facial Spray:
A facial sprays is a water with vitamins and minerals that your skin will absorb. Imagine giving food to your skin and a tall glass of water with vitamins in it. The skin will absorb, giving the several layers of dermis (skin) the nutrition that normally won’t arrive even if you apply lotions or moisturizers. Water in spray is best and faster absorbed by the skin than a cream.
If you have a skin prone to eczema, psoriasis or even to Acne, is always best to have one of these sprays at hand. 
They are so worth it!
These are the 3 sprays I like to use.

Eau Thermale Avene
Maybe one of the most know Eau Thermale (Thermal water aka water spray). Normally people tend to think is only for skins with problems, not at all, you can use it whenever you want in every kind of skin. This one is for sensitive skins and I use it in my sons face as well. This one, since is a small spray, I bring it with me while travelling, especially to warm places even to the beach. Tan and not hydrate is a no no girls and boys!

InstaNatural Vitamin C
This one is one of the best (non pharmacy) sprays I have ever tested. I love InstaNatural and you can get them in the US cheap the rest of the world go to Amazon. This tightens the pores, gives you Vitamin C, restore and hydrate, leaving you with a slight hint of orange from their Aromatherapy oil. Super recommend it! You can use out and about or on your daily routine after cleaning your skin and before your moisturizer. You can use it in the middle of the day on your makeup. You will feel refreshed and hydrated.

Anatomicals Facial Spritz
I love love Anatomicals! Nice and good quality products, excellent prices for excellent products. 
This spray has a slight scent of lavender, calming and soothing. Try applying it when you go to bed and you will feel so relaxed. 
Do you use other Facial sprays? Share with me.


Thank you to Anatomical and Instanaturals
My opinion is honest and Unbiased

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