Sensitive Skin? Washing Baby Clothes?

Do you have a sensitive or allergic skin problems like Eczema? Or even you want to know what to wash your baby’s first clothes?

I have a solution for you, tried and approved by me and maybe fancy to win a bundle of Simply Washing?

When I was pregnant of 7 months, I decided to start washing all the tiny clothes to be prepared just in case he arrived early.

I put everything in the drawers with a subtle scented bags (See post HERE) and it was the best things I had done back then. I like to organize and be prepared in advance for anything.

I bought an specific detergent just for my baby clothing, different from us adults. But the fact is that me and my eczema were walking together. I suffered a lot because I was full of hot (summer time and pregnant…oh boy) and my skin was really bad because my eczema made me have scratch myself for almost an hour every time I took a shower… every time… did I said it was summer… It went to a point that I had to buy a electric Fan and everytime i get out of  the shower I would stay in front of the fan to cool myself.

Of course it was not normal. What I had was an allergy to my washing powder (the normal adult washing powder) and decided to try the baby’s washing powder. It worked! Our skin while regnant is more sensitive than normally would.

My son, RJ, now with 18 months, he unfortunately has a bit of my eczema, so I have to be careful with washing his clothes.

I have been using the Simply Washing, both the sensitive and pure washing pods, and they revealed the following:
  • Super fluffy clothes, the comfort is not compromised.
  • The awesomeness stays even washing at low temperatures
  • It’s tested for eczema and other skin problems, in our case, was great and no rash was detected
  • Has a nice scent that don’t interfere with any skin problems (which is a plus side so it’s not those dull smells of a sensitive washing powder)
  • Easy to use
  • Brings a bunch of pods in a bag so is really a win win with the price
  • It’s a brand I trust
  • Tip: This pod is not to be put on the drum along with the clothes, is to be put in the washing drawer.

I am very happy with these washing pods. I wished I knew them when I was pregnant… Let’s wait for the next one *wink*.

Where to buy:
You can find them in the UK in Sainsburys and Holland and Barrett, or Amazon.

This product gets our 5 star seal

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Would you like to win this bundle of Simply Washing??

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Thank you to Simply Washing
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