Family Day out: Venezuelan Bakery

As you might know by now, I am from Venezuela.
I haven’t return there since my family flew off on the 1st revolution by the end of the 80’s, by I haven’t lost my roots and where I came from, plus my sweet memories of a great country unfortunately ruled by corruption and violence.

And I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to met new venezuelans in Birmingham, UK.

Specially when they bring you a little of your country food that you missed a lot and it brings back so many good memories.

Let It Dough Artisan Bakery is a gorgeous Bakery in Birmingham, UK, runned by a couple of professional bakers from Venezuela.

Me and my family went there (imagine when I found out that it was 10 minutes from my house! *shocked smiley*) to have a morning snack.

They have a large variety of bread, cookies, wonderful cakes, coffee and specially a venezuelan traditional snack called “Cachitos” which in english they translated “Ham Horns”.
So the Cachitos or Ham horns, are a type of fluffy bread filled with Ham, or bacon or even with chorizo.

Cachitos or Ham Horns

Normally eaten on breakfast… common…we can eat it anywhere any time because it’s soooo good!!

L.I.D. Bakery was even on the Birmingham Mail and let me tell you that this bakery is always selling. I was there for an hour (I think) and it was always with people buying, customers that I realised went there several times.

These Raspberries Cheese Cakes …oh my!

It’s a familiar place with lot’s of good things and I will definitely will start to be a regular there.

They will put a terrace on this summer so will be looking for it!

Fresh Cream and Chocolate chips Horns

We definitely recommend Let it Dough Bakery

Check the address on their webpage

Cheerio #familydayout

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