Family Day out: Venezuelan Restaurant in Leamington Spa

On this family day out, We went to Leamington Spa to a Venezuelan Restaurant.

You have to read this!!!

Just seeing the photos my mouth is watering!

I’ve found online this Venezuelan Restaurant in Leamington Spa called 
La Salsera Venezolana.

Situated in the beautiful Leamington Spa near Warwick and Coventry, this restaurant is accessible and family friendly.

The owner is the cook and let me tell you: a wonderful cook!

The food was fresh, tasty and the place was very nice.

She has a large variety of food, fresh juices and if you (like I did) want to take home some things, you can buy in there as well.

We had the following venezuelan food:

Tequenos (puff pastry with Cheese)

Cachapa (Pancake made with corn filled
with cheese or meat…or anything really)

Cassava Cheese balls

Empanadas (patties)

Empanada with Cheese

Empanada with Pulled Beef 

Arepa (a traditional South American bread)
with Pulled Beef, avocado, cheese and salad

Good grief…
I want one now that I am writing this post…

Homemade Pineapple and Pumpkin Jam
with Vanilla Ice cream

Things I missed from “home”: 
Ham Pate (Diablitos) and good ol’ American Cheez Whiz

I’ve met a good restaurant, a very beautiful city and made a friend.
Of course I will recommend La Salsera Venezolana!

See the address and much more on her Facebook

Cheerio #familydayout

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