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Flying with Monarch Airlines

Quick word on the Monarch Airlines.

1st time I’ve flyed with Monarch, and my 1st 2017 flight was to Portugal, most specific – Lisbon.

I took my flight from BHX (Birmingham, UK) Airport to Lisbon with my little RJ (now 2 years and a half). He pays for his own seat now, so he is entitled to the same luggage as an adult: 10Kgs plus we can dispatch 2 pieces such as Pram, Travel Cot or Car seat, as well.

Just a quick word for the ladies: our purse is considered luggage, so better to stick with the cabin trolley and the purse going inside.

As any low cost company, any extras comes with a price – Extra legroom seats, priority or even champagne on board, are some of their extras. In my case I’ve bought the 20Kg dispatched bag – try and travel with a toddler to the grandparents home after Christmas. This means 0.5% is your clothing, 30% is the tots clothing and the rest is for all the gifts to bring back… plus a 10Kg trolley and the pram! Yes that’s us!

The crew was very friendly and helpful and the plane was clean and very comfortable. Me and RJ snoozed – ok ok… he slept, I was on and off looking for my cub – what can I say: I am always on garde…

As I said previously, it was the 1st time that I traveled by this company and I have to say this:

They are Low cost, but – Thank goodness – they don’t do like other low cost companies that goes the whole flight talking and selling everything and have a weird music by the end saying they arrived early… a very carnivalesque way I must say!

Absolutely calm and great flight! They do have their things to sell but with an elegance. Smooth and non tiring flight. Big thumbs up for it!

Hopefully I will travel more through Monarch, depends on which destination.

You can see their destinations Here and check their website for cool prices Here

Recommend the Monarch Airlines for sure!


Note: this trip was paid by me and not sponsored in any way. I made this little review to let you know and have some tips on what you can find.