Foodies Festival

Oh my… superb weather, food, family and fun? What else can I need?

A blogger friend of mine told me he was going to the Foodies Festival in Birmingham and why shouldn’t I?

And thankfully I was because it was sooooo much fun! Met really nice people and my little one was so happy as well… That and all the chocolate mousse he loved it from Bonne Maman! (Which I have to say they are absolutely delicious!).

I’ve met from vegans to meat eaters, from bakers and cakes to sauces and even Michelin Chefs.

I have to be honest, I didn’t knew about the Foodies Festival. They have festival all around the UK, so make sure you go to their website and check one near you:

You have the normal tickets and then the VIP tickets. any of them is worth your money. Why? Because you will have a bunch of freebies, you will met new things and have fun with the music or any other activities.

Children weren’t forgotten  in this the festival. Parents have a corner for their children and even the little ones have food workshops. Bouncy castle and other activities as well.

Ok, Ok I had a VIP ticket for me and my family but I would pay for that. Even tough we had a VIP tent, there are lot’s of other places to seat and you’re more than welcome to bring your picnic blankets and seat on the grass and even dogs are allowed. A bunch of facilities are spread out on the Foodies Festival.

You can have workshops or even talks with known chefs and celebrities, in areas as Baking, Drinks or Cooking with Michelin chefs (from Carters in Birmingham). never forgetting the healthy Space with Free Yoga classes and the Live music artists.

Here are some of the places you can eat or drink:

It was the most amazing day and I have bought a bunch of things, because that’s what’s good in a festival or show: brands will show you what they have for a special price that will be a bargain for sure.

See the shows near you:

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