Degustabox of February

February was cold…very cold! But also very sweet with Valentine’s Day – and that’s where Degustabox got their focus.

For those that doesn’t know about Degustabox:

Degustabox is a mystery food Monthly subscription box, full of novelties and goodies. Each month you will try for sweet to savoury, new products in the market that probably you wouldn’t buy, so you can have a try of them.

Discount code for Alejandra’s Life Readers:

Enter the code MXLH1 for a whooping £7 discount on your Degustabox – you will only pay £5.99 for the first box!! You love codes…I know it!

What’s in the Box for this month of February:

Heinz No added sugar Baked Beans – Because we all should have Breakfast! My little one loved these and they are super approved! The taste is the same as we all know it, but with no sugar and healthier.

Willys Apple Cider Vinegar – Now this is different. An excellent vinegar for salads or simply to make a morning detox. For the Detox: in the morning, add to a 200ml warm water glass with 2 Tbsp of this vinegar and a bit of cayenne pepper. Burn that fat away!


Kabuto Rice Noodles in Vegetable Lakhsa – Loved it!! For a quick ramen meal: prepare the contents as described in the package. Boil 1 egg and gut in half. Place the noodles in a bowl, add the egg and if you have any met in the fridge from a previous meal add to it while hot. (or Tofu).


Willy’s Chases Popcorn in vinegar – Popcorn is a trend to stay and we don’t say no to it, do we? A different kind of snack.


Maui & Sons banana Chips covered in dark chocolate – absolutely delicious!! My son loved it. It is sooooo goooood!


Diablo chocolate coated wafer – no sugar…i repeat NO SUGAR!! This little devil is gooood!


New York Delhi’s Dark Chocolate Americanos – OMG! coffee beans covered with dark chocolate. This must be my favourite of the box. They are perfect!


Bebeto Cheesecake gummies – gummies ad cheesecake. Need I say more?


Bebeto Candy Crush gummies – Are you a Candy Crush addicted? Now you can taste your game for real. Just leave some for me (p.s – I need to hide them from my tot).


Peppersmith Chewing gum and Dental mints – for those moments you can’t wash your teeth. Practical and yummy!


Koko Dairy Free coconut milk – it is one of the brands that i really appreciate (but I am allergic to coconut), my son loved it.


Just Bee honey water with a hint of Blueberry – Serve it cool. A water with a little flavouring and colour and sweet as honey.


Coldpress Juice – like juicing? this is a good alternative. Cold pressed, tastes sooo good! recommend it!


Double Dutch in pomegranate and basil – a mixer for great cocktails or to drink by itself.


Blossom Hill wine with a hint of Elderflower – My 2nd best favourite on this box. This wine has very little alcohol and very little calories. tastes divine and is great with any food. You HAVE to try!! Blossom hill wines are now official at my house.


Have you had this box in February? Which one was your favourite or you would like to try?

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