Good sides of raising a family in an apartment

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At first glance, high-rise buildings may not project the poise and the charm as much as good, ol’ houses in the suburbs. It is nevertheless an understatement to say that there are numerous benefits to raising your family in an apartment.

It’s no wonder so many people rush to live, work, and study in city centers rather than suburban areas or smaller towns – the hustle and bustle in an urban neighborhood allows you to realize your own and your family’s full living potential. In terms of safety and beauty, one of the best suburbs in Texas is Humble. There are apartments for rent in Humble that might be good for your family.

Still not convinced? Then read on and see what the main good sides of raising a family in an apartment are.


Your children will make lots of new friends

It is not the case that children have a good childhood only in the countryside. Although a spacious backyard and plenty of square feet may be something you can only enjoy when you live in a house of your own, you should not underestimate the thrill of exploring the multitude of parks, playgrounds, museums, amusement parks, and other venues in which both kids and teens enjoy spending their free time.

When you live in a high-rise building, your children’s chances of meeting lots of peers from diverse cultural backgrounds are higher – the higher your building is. As any city dweller will undoubtedly confirm, not making any friends in a big city is almost unheard of.

But even more importantly, meeting your new neighbors in adjacent apartments or entryways will indeed develop yours and your kids’ social circle and social skills.


A parade in a city.
Many new friendships come with moving with your family to an apartment in the city.


Change is good

Now that you live in an apartment, you will surely experience the joy of living in a bustling, exciting new environment. Embark on this new journey by fully embracing this life-changing opportunity.

Surely, not everything will go smoothly, especially in the beginning. But people choose the top floor for many reasons, and all of them boil down to the fact that every change of lifestyle is essentially an improvement.


A family walking in the city
Raising your family in an apartment can be just as rewarding as in the countryside.


Your new friends and neighbors are your new allies

You want to go out and spend the evening with your significant other? Or maybe you have decided to go to a seaside resort with your family, but you cannot take your pet with you? You will no longer have to worry about finding a reliable babysitter for your kids or your dog. Your neighborhood is probably full of trustworthy people who will gladly do you a favor and look after your kids or water your plants while you are away!

Therefore, another positive side of raising a family in an apartment is that you are just a few doors away from people who can help you in case of an emergency. In this way, your family will be able to develop a sense of trust and altruism that is, indeed, an invaluable life lesson.


Your free time will become your ‘together time’

No longer will your family members spend time apart now that you live in an apartment. Although this may seem like a shortcoming at first, this is, in fact, an opportunity to build (and nurture) a bond between you, your partner, and your kids. So make use of this opportunity, leave your estranged ways behind, and make your apartment a place of warmth and togetherness.

It is definitely true that kids need to be engaged in various activities now that they have a limited number of leisure options available to them indoors. But, no need to lament your old garage or backyard. Now that you live in the city, your family can:

● Play sports together

● Go hitchhiking

● Go on picnics in the nearby park

● Explore the city

● Refurbish your new home together


Parents teaching a girl to ride a bike.
Spending quality time with your family is just one of the good sides of raising your family in an apartment.


There are numerous activities you can think of to spend more quality time with your kids. Even one new activity that you collectively agree upon and introduce to your busy family schedule is bound to improve your family’s quality of life. So, embrace the change, let your new environment inspire you, and finally – change for the better.


You have an opportunity to de-clutter your living space

Naturally, less living space equals less stuff you can surround yourself with. And again, this is a good thing. Take this opportunity to get rid of all of the unnecessary things you have piled up over the years.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Experience shows that an average family possesses many belongings, even when worn-out furniture, clothing, and other unnecessary or defunct household items have been thrown out. You will surely want to keep your son’s old hockey stick, your daughter’s painting canvas, your fishing gear, cooking utensils, skiing equipment, the sled your grandfather made… The list goes on.

For this reason, you may want to consider not throwing away these things but instead placing them in a storage unit close to your new place of residence. Hence, you can free up space in your apartment without having to say goodbye to possessions that you do not use on a daily basis, but that you need from time to time.


You can design your apartment according to your preferences

Refurbishing an entire house is not only costly, but also painstakingly hard. It takes a lot of money, time, determination, and patience to deal with the endless queue of construction work, paint jobs, and post-construction cleaning that is part and parcel of remodeling a house. And when you add to that the cost of upkeep after you have finished with your property’s renovation, the whole endeavor can soon be more tiring than enjoyable.

However, once you move into an apartment, the scale of construction and redesign that need to be done is significantly reduced, making the apartment an ideal place upon which you can apply all of your ideas and turn your interior design vision into reality – without turning your life into a never-ending construction site.



Article by Sally Norton

Sally is a proud member of Alejandra’s Life Family Team


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