How to select the right paint for your new home

Paintbrushes and paint can.

If you have decided to freshen up your new home, painting is the first and obvious step. Although it may seem like an easy enough task, more often than not, it is a cause of many headaches. This is due to the strenuous road you must take to get from the bare walls to your dream home. This road comprises several different steps.

If you forget to consider all the little points, you might end up in a nightmare trying to select the right paint for your new home. Nevertheless, if you do remember to think about a few details, the whole process can be made a lot easier.


Do your homework

When selecting the right color for your new home, it is of utmost importance to go shopping for the paint prepared. If you just enter the shop and look through the catalog, you will end up with too many options. To save you some trouble, make sure you at least have an idea of what color walls you want.

Moreover, you need to get your place ready for the painting and protect your furniture, which you can do by contacting the professional from Gibraltar Van Lines New Jersey to help you out. After that part is over, follow these steps.


Paint catalog.
Narrow down your options before going to the shop.


Save picking the right paint for your home for later

An easy mistake to make is to go ahead and choose the color for your walls first. Such a decision seems logical, given that walls are the biggest thing in your home. However, it would be wise to match the color of your walls with the decor.

By picking the textile you like first, you will have a much wider range of options for the walls. Should you select the paint for your walls first, you will realize that your options for the rest of the interior are somewhat limited.


Find your inspiration

Sometimes, imagination is not your friend, and you cannot pinpoint exactly what it is that you want or like. Then you feel incapable of coming up with an original idea. Well, in those times, it is not a shame to seek help and take a slurp from a well of ready-made ideas to get you going.

There are so many interior design magazines, social media pages and blogs, all at your disposal to help you get inspiration. Pinterest, for example, is a fantastic place to look for ideas. You can create a board where you will save all the posts you like. Within days, you will get a pretty clear picture of what colors you are drawn to and narrow down your options. Additionally, inspiration can come from the most unexpected items – a mug, a lamp, or a blanket.


Match color of the walls with the decor

When you know what fabric will be in your home, use colors from some of the patterns to select the right paint. If you want an accent wall, pick a bold color from the pattern. If you are choosing a color for a larger area, go for a more subtle shade. Also, you can use artwork as an inspiration.

Remember that artists are masters at exploiting color and light. They also have a great understanding of color theory. Take advantage of the expertise they incorporated into their artwork and base the color scheme in your new home on your favorite painting.


Artwork can help you to select the right paint for your home.
Use the color scheme from your favorite painting to help you select the right paint for your new home.


Prepare your home for painting

Whether you are moving into a new home or just refreshing your place, chances are you will need to rent storage space, since you need to make room for the painters.

You might not have enough space for your items if you decide to just cram them into one of the rooms. Also, a storage unit will save your items from dirt or damage.


Deciding on the right shade when choosing the right paint for your home

Now that you have a clear idea regarding your color scheme, it is time to decide on the shade. Each color has several different shades and undertones.

To make sure you will select the right paint for your new home, the best thing to do is to get a few samples and paint parts of the walls to see what the color really looks like. You will see it in different lighting at various times of the day and decide if it works for you and how well it goes with your decor.


white paint on the wall.
Get some samples and see what the color looks like on the wall.


Painting your entire home in one color is both relaxing and elegant. Especially if you can see other rooms from the biggest one or you have a large open concept space. However, a splash of color can be a fun addition. Also, a few shades lighter or darker color for an accent wall will break up uniformity and add dimension.

Paint sheen is another vital aspect since it can either accentuate or mask imperfections. There are various finishes which are suitable for different areas of your home and for different needs:

● flat finish is completely matte and is a great choice for an elegant and sophisticated vibe. It is not, however, easily cleaned and might be a bad idea if you have small children or pets.

● eggshell finish is a low luster option, suitable for moderate traffic rooms.

● satin finish is probably the most popular given that it is fairly easy to clean. It is suitable for hallways and kitchens where there is a lot of traffic.

● semi-gloss finish gives the space a subtle shine and is also suitable for high-traffic rooms.

● high-gloss finish is the shiniest option which gives a polished look. It is stain-resistant, you can scrub it easily, so it is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

If you want your home design to be a success, it is crucial to select the right paint for your new home. So, give it time, and don’t rush into making decisions. Understandably, the selection process can be overwhelming due to the countless shades you will have in front of you.

To make things even harder, the slightest difference in the shade can have a tremendous effect on the outcome of your decoration. Therefore, consider the tips presented to help you pick the perfect color and enjoy the road to your dream home.



Article by Sally Norton

Sally is part of Alejandra’s Life Family team


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