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So by now you all know that I have been searching for new instruments.

But as much as I do love an acoustic guitar, nothing beats down what I miss my famous electric red guitar.

Funny story:

When I started to play electric guitar, I didnt have the money to buy an amplifier…so as a techy as I am, i decided to make a “quick connection” to an old big speaker from an old sound system my father had.

It did work, as i know some electronics myself but it lasted a little… as soon as I started rocking out loud it just bursted… oh well. So back to square one until a friend of mine back them, lended me his amplifier.

But now… things are different and I am searching for an amplifier as well as pedals for it.

If you have an amplifier or can give me a suggestion, just leave me a comment below with links about it.

I have been seeing them here:

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