Things You should Have: A good Notebook

I love notebooks… almost like collecting them.
The rarer, the cuter, the quirky, the elegant…a Notebook shows your character and shows your purpose.

Here are some clues about me with great ideas.

Did you notice that I write about a variety of things, subjects, hobbies and I did studied a lot (I love to study) and by now I have 3 degrees and a PHD…still I have 2 purposes in life, 2 non-life loves.

  • Archeology and History love (I didn’t pursuit because in the country where I was living, it was “a job that won’t give you money”… Today I regret with my heart and soul why didn’t I followed my dream…but I strongly agree that Maybe back then I wasn’t supposed to do it, so that presented me with lovely people I have met in the way… still I am addicted it this I till my end of days I will go back to the Uni and be a female Indiana).
  • Writing Love – I am a addicted reader and a writer now… as part of my daily work, I have several books (books and ebooks) selling online. Mostly about Medicine subject and recently I embraced my story telling side. You can find me under: Shana Fidalgo for Medical; and Emma Hartt for Stories.

I love to write while I am at home, inspired, while traveling or if I remember I can make note on my notebook inside my purse.

As I told you before I love collecting Notebooks. For some of you who don’t know it, here is why (with my favourite word): Investment. 

A good Notebook, of good quality, sturdy and well made, is similar to a jewel or a piece of art. And they can sell for thousands. Yes that’s exactly what you are reading: thousands!

I found this brand called NuCo International and i became addicted with their notebooks and more writing material.

I chose some ideas. let me know what do you think.

Denim Choice – Teenagers or Young Adults

Excellent suggestion for a student (teenager or not) with a Nu Era Denim Notebook in Blue. Great Jounal for those important ideas for the future with a little swag from the Denim (they are available in other colours, but Denim for me is blue!).

You can feel the Denim and the pages are good to write without seeing through the other side of the page. See more about Nu Era Denim Notebook in Blue

Girly / Blogger / Stylish Mums / and so much more

This Nu Era Style Journal in pink is definitely a girly girl/woman choice. Great to write down all your thoughts and ideas, as well as turning it into a Recipe Cookbook or pin down all those style magazine must haves and coupons.
They have it in blue but I sometimes like my Pink.

This will be my new Cookbook with all my printed recipes I can find on the web or in magazines. Find more about Nu Era Style Jounal Here

Full Stylish Work Professional  

This one is my favourite. In this photo I transmitted the idea that is a very manly option but no, not really. This Nu Elite Prestige Tan Journal transmits Professionalism. Pure and simple. The sturdy cover with a faux leather look gives it a elegant perspective on what the person who has it is: Stylish.

For me this will be my Writing subject book. the one that I will take in my trips so when I have ideas for new books, I can write them down. I love this notebook! has the faux leather, the looks and is practical n the sense that it has a wiro, if something goes wrong I can rip the sheet off. See more about Nu Elite Prestige Tan Journal Here.

What do you think of these candies?

See more on NuCo website for more ideas for gifts.

Cheerio #writingisgood

Thank you to NuCo
My opinion is Honest and Unbiased

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