Harper and the Night Forest

On the 3rd book of harper series, Harper and her friends get to visit the mysterious Night Forest, and it is rumoured that a magical Ice Raven lives amongst the ebony trees. Will the children try to capture it? Or give it freedom?

Written by the lovely Cbeebies Presenter and Author Cerrie Burnwell and illustrated by Lauren Ellen Anderson, The Harper series is a children’s series of a little girl called Harper and her friends in the most amazing adventures.

On this 3rd book, Harper and her loving and helpful friends visit the City of Singing Clocks near the mysterious Night Forest, where is rumoured that a magical Ice Raven, whose song can melt hardened hearts, lives on the ebony trees. With the children’s help The Wild Conductor plans to capture the mythical bird and create the greatest orchestra ever known. But Harper soon needs to decide who actually needs their help the most.

Full of magic and adventure, imagination runs through while reading this book, filled with lovely illustrations to create the right ambiance while reading. Perfect!

Absolutely recommend it from ages 6 to 100, simply heartwarming and divine.

 Get your copy here: http://amzn.to/2n4nJmi

Thank you Scholastic, Cerrie and Faye!

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