Harry and Hope by Sarah Lean

Some friendships are meant to be… A story about family, friendship and belonging, from bestselling author, Sarah Lean. Hope lives with her artist mum in the Pyrenees. It’s always been just the two of them… until Frank – a free-spirited traveler – arrives with his donkey, Harry. 

Hope and Frank form a close bond, so it’s hard for both of them when Frank decides it’s time to move on. Hope questions what she is to Frank. He’s not her dad, but he was more than just her mum’s boyfriend. Except, there’s no name for that kind of pair… 

Hope promises to look after Harry and, slowly, another special pair is made – one that makes Hope realize that some friendships become part of you and, even when someone is far away, they are always near to your heart.  

Special friendships. Extraordinary animals. 

Sarah Lean writes stories that will stay with you forever

Praise for Sarah Lean’s books: 

  • ”Sarah Lean weaves magic and emotion into beautiful stories”. Cathy Cassidy  
  • “Beautifully written and moving without being mawkish. A talent to watch.” – The Bookseller Buyers Guide 
  • “Touching, reflective and lyrical.” – Sunday Times, Culture 
  • “Sarah Lean’s graceful, miraculous writing will have you weeping one moment and rejoicing the next.” – Katherine Applegate, author of The One and Only Ivan 

Sarah Lean is best known for her hit novels A Dog Called Homeless and Hero.

Sarah’s profile skyrocketed due to taking part in World Book Day 2014. 
Jack Pepper was the selected title and has now sold more than 85,000 copies (TCM, May 2014)  

Sarah currently has lifetime sales of over 128,000 (TCM, May 2014)  
Check out Sarah’s dedicated author website here www.sarahlean.co.uk 

Hear the Audiobook piece here

This beautiful book was a beautiful present from Harper and Collins and The Big Shot


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