Movie Afternoon: Littlest Pet Shop – Sweetest Pets

When Blythe Baxter moves to the city she discovers a whole gang of pet shop animal friends. To top it off she discovers she can talk to them and they can talk back! Come along for the ride as life cannot get any sweeter when Littlest Pet Shop: Sweetest Pets arrives onto DVD and Digital Download on 7th March.

With Pepper, the hilarious skunk; Sunil, the magical mongoose, Vinny, the dancing gecko, and Penny, the adorable panda at her side, Blythe Baxter is having the time of her life! Do not forget Russell, the organised hedgehog; Zoe, the diva Spaniel; and Minka, the artistic monkey as they all come along for the fun as well.

Their days are filled with too many treats in the sweet shop with a rabbit called Buttercream, the gang getting lost in Blythe’s backpack at school and celebrating The Biskits’ quarter birthday with an order for two hundred cupcakes!

Not every day in the Littlest Pet Shop runs smoothly, though. When a sweet truck ride goes wrong and the pets accidently send the truck careering down the street Blythe knows the pets are in danger. Will she rescue them in time? In amongst the commotion, Blythe takes the blame for the accident – the pets set up a re-enactment, but will it clear Blythe’s name?

Find out if Blythe and the pets can work together to save the day when more wild adventures come knocking when Littlest Pet Shop: Sweetest Pets opens its doors once more on DVD and Digital Download this March!


Release date: 7th March
Cert U (tbc)
running time 126 minutes


My review:
Sweetness in a large dose with this movie.
The “pressure” was so hard that me and RJ decided to eat a whole chocolate bunny while watching this DVD.
Adventure, fun and cakes will be a delight to watch this with your little ones.
Little Pet Shop, by now, demonstrates how you can see the movie and interact with the action figures available in stores.
Wonderful cartoons for the whole family.
I recommend it!

I so recommend it that I have a brand new DVD to give this weekend.

Cheerio #littlepetshop

Thank you to Hasbro and Zero Degrees
My opinion is honest and unbiased

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