Having a Healthy Lifestyle With no Regrets

Most of us would like to live long healthy lives without too many regrets. As we get older health problems tend to emerge which is not something we tend to think about in the primacy of youth, but a little goes a long way, and Prevention is the best cure of all – so they say.  Below are some healthy lifestyle changes you can make today that will have a lasting impact. 


Non-Alcoholic Drinks 

However, you choose to spend your life it would be nice if you could get to retirement and still be healthy and energetic. This won’t happen if you continue with a regular habit of post-work alcoholic drinks. 

Thankfully there is now an alternative to the post-work drinks that don’t have any of the calories and avoid an unwelcome headache as well. Non-alcoholic drinks are growing in popularity so you have a better choice than ever before. 


Meat-Free Foods

There is nothing wrong with having a meat-based diet if that is your choice but it’s worth remembering that meat-based foods have slightly more calories than meat-free alternatives, and they put more carbon into the atmosphere. 

Meat-free foods weren’t always on the menu, a few decades ago it would have been hard to find them anywhere. Today, you are spoiled for choice, meta free foods can be bought at the supermarkets and are served in restaurants. 


Vape Smoking 

Smoking tobacco is very harmful to your health and often leads to long-term health conditions, especially when you get into your later years. There are over 7000 chemicals in tobacco, many of them cancerous, so it’s never a bad time to give them up. 

One way to give them up is by using a vape. This is an effective bridge between tobacco smoking and not smoking at all. Vape uses liquid and voopoo coils to give you a substitute smoking experience that has fewer chemicals and fewer health risks. 


Juicing for Breakfast 

If you want to extend your life expectancy and see what the far future brings, start juicing in the morning. Your body is a sort of learning machine, and it starts to crave the things you put in it. For this reason and more it’s a great idea to start juicing. 

Creating a blended juice drink in the morning is a great way to get all the vitamins and nutrients you need for the day into your diet, it also means your body will start to crave a healthy breakfast in the morning. 


Tea Fasting 

People who carry less weight and have a healthy body mass index tend to live longer and have a happier life experience. This doesn’t mean you need to be skinny, but it does mean you need to keep your weight at a natural level without any excess. 

One easy way to do this is with intermittent fasting. This is a natural diet that aligns with evolutionary biology, humans are designed to go for long periods without food. If this gets boring you can always introduce some zero-calorie tea. 


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